Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tough times.

They seldom come,
These tough times,
But when they do,
They play with our minds.
They show reality.
A glimpse of what could be,
If not controlled.
But the light times,
That lie within,
That show true bliss,
Are what should be.

They seldom come,
These tough times,
But when they do,
They open our eyes.
They show us our true calling,
Lead us to bliss.
These may be the darkest times,
But that’s when we see the light.
Put an end to all our slumbers,
Awaken us,
To fulfill our dreams.

They seldom come,
These tough times,
But when they do,
They change our lives.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lost answers.

Where was the dreamer in you?
The birdwatcher.
You were taught about a bird’s flight,
And you stopped imagining what it’s like.
Why did you stop?
Please continue to dream.

Where’s the believer in you?
The rebel.
“You always want too much”, they said,
And you let them get to your head.
Why did you let go?
Hold on, they’re your beliefs.

When did you lose all that courage?
You brave heart.
The fear that you should have known,
Was always right outside your door.
You still can venture.
What’s keeping you inside?

Can you set your mind free?
Can you believe in yourself?
Can you do what you want to?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For Lighter Times.

Life’s a little difficult,
And I’m imagining things.
This phase will go by,
But I look beyond.

I wish I was travelling,
Or on a long drive,
On a bus into the woods,
Or on a train chugging south.

But here I am,
Stretching myself,
I know I must remain busy,
To enjoy my lighter moments.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your strange world.

Well there you are again,
Crying comfortably,
On the shoulder of uselessness.
Comfortingly strokes you,
And puts you to bed.
But when you wake up,
You’re all the more scared.
Then doubt and temptation
Loom around like fake friends.
Do no good,
Just get on your nerves.

Then you question it all,
How unfair everything is,
And you can’t explain anything,
Even to yourself.

You thought you knew your world well,
And suddenly it’s a strange place.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Illusion

A big illusion,
And lives change,
Some know the truth,
Can’t express their thoughts.
A fighter, a princess,
And the winner.

The observers cry,
Pass a smile,
Turmoil in their heads they hide.
They all want to be,
A part of what they’re not,
The big illusion.

To be inspired or not,
Or to miss the illusion,
When they return to their lives.
Not knowing that their lives,
Are illusions to others,
Another big illusion.

Can’t live those lives,
Only observe them.
Go back to theirs,
Is all they can do.
Wishing to live,
The illusion they saw.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Brown Rose

She gave me a brown rose,
And told me to keep it,
Between the pages of my favourite book.
And I did.
It was fake.
As I shut the book,
And put it between the others,
It squished the petals,
And released the toxin.
It burnt the pages,
And spoilt the ink.
She’d vowed to take my pleasures away.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Dream World

I don’t want to,
This isn’t my calling,
Success doesn’t lie here,
I belong somewhere else.

Where words flow out,
Free from the mind,
Free from the world,
Into human hearts.

Words that understand,
Express all emotions,
Make one comfortable,
The world worth living.

Where I can fly,
Like birds in the sky,
With no limits,
My imagination runs wild.

It should feel like home,
Some place I call my own,
Where I can still be at ease,
In the darkest of times.

Where I’m inspired,
Not just in bad times,
But in good times as well,
To express happiness.

This wonderful world,
I have in my mind,
But until it’s conceived,
I’ll have to return.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It might have taken years,
But the believer in me,
Has woken up again,
Standing up to the cynic in me.
The evil doesn’t last forever.
It just takes a little love,
To have hope and faith,
And a belief to believe in,
To live a life,
And not just survive.

It feels good to feel good,
To have all the happy thoughts,
Spread them all around.
To know when you’re right,
Stand up to the wrong.
To love with all you have,
And know it will be alright.
To feel nothing is in vain.
To learn to only give,
And not feel foolish about it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Complete Me

I’ve been waiting, wishing all this while,
Now, I’m just sitting quiet,
Hoping someday you’ll walk by,
And I’ll know you by your smile.
All these girls who break my heart,
Are like the demons in my head,
Every time they break my heart,
Try to stop me from believing in you.

When I find you,
We can show them,
All their jokes and pretty eyes,
Were never really as much fun as you.
We can laugh at all the times,
When my little stupid mind,
Thought I was in love with them,
And tried to put them in your place.

And then I’ll find you,
When all the vanity is through.
What’ll remain,
Will be the way you make me feel.
When I disappear,
And so do you.
When all the emptiness vanishes,
And you complete me.

World of Lovers.

If you loved me,
And I loved you,
And the whole world was
Made up of lovers.

If we learn to hate,
But not how to hurt,
And the whole world was
Made up of lovers.

If we learn to love,
And show that we love,
And the whole world was
Made up of lovers.

If we learn to trust,
And never betray,
And the whole world was
Made up of lovers.

If we learn to speak,
Without any fear,
And the whole world was
Made up of lovers.

We’d be glad to live
And proud to say,
That we live
In a world of lovers.

Un-free me

My mind is running wild,
It’s going everywhere.
I’m doing everything I want to,
I have no limits.
The greatness that awaits me,
Is different and strange.
I feel insecure,
Please un-free me.

I’ve realized my potential,
And I think about everything.
It’s hard to be patient,
When you can do so much.
I don’t stay in one place,
I don’t stick to one thought.
I’m running away from me,
Please un-free me.

Love Angels

They came to me last night.
To check if my love was really real,
To see how bad my heart was broken.
They asked me how I felt,
They asked me everything about her.

How her hair flowed,
How her touch felt,
What her smile did,
How her innocence captivated,
How her voice soothed,
How a glimpse of her shone.

They asked me the colour of her eyes,
And I could see her eyes again.

And then maybe they saw,
The love and pain in my eyes.
So they took away all memories of her,
So I could move on,
Get over the pain,
And find real love.
The Love Angels cared.
So they took away my favourite memories.

Lonely Woman

Then I looked into her mind,
I didn’t see a sea of thoughts,
They weren’t harmonizing either,
She was on the brink of death,
She wanted to live.

Once she knew she was dying,
She knew what she wanted.
She only had one thought,
To fight one last time.
To fight for what she wanted most,
Something she’d dreamed of all along,
But she'd taken it for granted.

But now everything was slipping away,
She wanted one last chance,
And maybe she could live again.
Without the pride.

The Fear

We don’t want much,
Just a conversation,
Someone to understand us,
And some attention.

What’s shocking,
Is never initiating,
Never being the one to give.
Afraid of the assumed truth.

The fear we’re not important,
The fear we’ll irritate,
The fear we’re not wanted,
The fear we’re not needed,
The fear of loneliness,
The fear of expectations,
The fear of pride,
The fear we’re not alone
And that we’ll never know.

Little Child

Little child little child,
With your little baby mind,
And that wonderful smile,
What will you do next?
How will you enthrall us?
Whose nose will you touch?
And when will you giggle?
What’s your next trick?

The rooms are all bright,
Because of your smile,
The stars don’t twinkle,
Your eyes do their bit.

Everybody wants you all the time,
A glimpse of you shall make their day.
How do you do it child?
Everybody’s angel.

The Right Words

That I never told you,
Doesn’t mean I never loved you,
I just couldn’t find the right words,
To tell you I love you.
I didn’t want the wrong words,
Or the wrong gestures for that matter,
To ruin what you’d know.
It was all too precious.

I think of all the immature ideas,
All the ways I thought I’d tell you.
And I smile foolishly,
I even burst out laughing.
I just didn’t have the right words.
For all that I have to tell you,
I want you to know every little bit,
Even if you don’t feel the same way.

Because what I feel for you is really priceless,
And I’ll wait an entire lifetime,
Till I find the right words.

The Song He Sang.

I listened to the song again and again,
I tried to hold back my tears,
And I tried to let them out at the same time,
But the memories wouldn’t fade.
His voice fell upon my ears like all the years,
The man said everything with a couple of lines.
He brought back memories and laid down the future,
He made the present moment count,
And made it seem so useless altogether.
He summed my entire life with his voice,
All the pain I had ever felt,
Everything I was yet to experience.
All the regret I had ever had,
I felt the remorse in his voice.

And I played the song again and again and again…

Monday, June 15, 2009

Countries Fall and Countries Rise.

Then one day the newspapers read,
The first lady’s dead.
The President was out of his mind,
Those were real bad times.

In years, it was the worst famine,
And they were plagued by crime.
They had recently been backstabbed,
When the neighbours attacked.

Since the children were last heard playing,
Their mothers had all been praying.
Their schools had been bombed,
And the wise ones had been robbed.

They stopped believing and stopped trying,
Weeks and months were spent crying.
Their emotions were out on the streets,
They were broken, taken too many defeats.

A man sang on the other side of the world,
So their flag could once again be unfurled.
He sang for peace and all their rights,
He gave them courage for all their fights.

It wouldn’t go on for long,
It was time to right the wrongs.
They finally had the courage,
To end all the carnage.

Everyone woke to their powers,
To put an end to the painful hours.
Their world would turn around,
And they would no longer be bound.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lost Child

He walked the streets alone,
It was cold too,
He’d lost faith in himself,
And everyone else,
He looked for a hand to hold,
Someone who could guide him,
Or just hold him.

He could see the light,
But was too afraid to follow it,
If only someone had told him,
Walking toward the light,
Wasn’t as bad as walking in the dark.

My Biggest Mistake

Two years of broken trust,
And it kept piling up.
You’ve done so much harm,
Even forgiving hurts.

You said it on your own,
Exposed all the dirt.
Now I’ve realised for sure,
Nothing was worth it.

I shared everything with you,
All that I thought was good.
Now everything I do,
Reminds me of you.
Every tune I hum,
All the little jokes,
And all my intellect,
They torture me with you.
Every little goof up,
And whenever I fumble,
I think of you again,
My biggest mistake.

And all your little compliments,
Seemed like plans to betray me.
Every suggestion you affirmed with,
Seemed to confirm my foolishness.

Always used your head,
With all your selfish thoughts.
You never felt a thing,
With you, everything rots.

I’ll try to forgive you,
And maybe I’ll forget you,
But you left a permanent stain,
You’ve given too much pain.

First impressions are the last ones,
Yours wasn’t the best one,
Should have kept you at a distance,
Now I’m glad I’ve thrown you away.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The way you live

Just lie there miserably,
Pretend to be cute,
Fake the importance,
I’ll never need you.

Occasionally I’ll smile,
Now that’ll make your day,
You’ll rise a bit,
Then fall back to the ground.

But you can pretend,
You’ll act like you’re flying,
Like I can’t even touch you,
Hey! The real world’s down here!

It’s good to have you around,
To feel sorry for you,
To think of how I could help you,
And not help you because I hate you!

But the way you treat yourself,
You really make me wonder,
If it’s that good to be miserable,
If you can feel you’re worth existing.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Beatles in my dream and in my life.

I had a dream last night,
Seemed like a nightmare.
I was playing with The Beatles,
Three hundred thousand people watched.

We played my favourite songs,
But I’d forgotten the chords.
I had the best guitar,
But my plectrum was broken.

Then we played a song,
To which I knew the chords.
And I’d found the right plectrum,
The wires had tangled up.

I managed to put the connections right,
My hands started to slip.
Everyone got tired,
They told me to practice.

So I went backstage,
Strummed away to perfection.
I rushed back on stage,
And announced I could play.

Finally I played it right,
But I couldn’t hear a note.
The crowd had gotten too loud,
They loved the show while I was off.

Now The Beatles got tired,
They left me on stage alone.
I thought I’d close the show,
But the audience left.

I wasn’t really there,
I was just dreaming it all.
Nobody else could see me,
They’d come to see The Beatles.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rediscovering Me.

The past few months,
Have been too much.
I’ve had problems,
And I shared them a lot.

It’s showing now for sure,
So I think I’ll hide myself.
I’ll stop talking about it,
Can’t stop thinking about it.

It won’t bring much peace,
But the solitude will be good.
For everyone else at least,
They were all misunderstood.

I’ll travel to the past,
Travel far and away.
Yes, I think I’ll go retro,
Maybe even Cold Turkey.

I’ll only talk materialistic matters,
I’ll keep my special thoughts to me.
Then in the end I will proudly say:
“I have rediscovered me”.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Please don’t send me on a holiday,
And I don’t want a new guitar.
Don’t gift me any chocolates,
Not even the moon or the stars.
‘Coz then I’ll have to be happy,
But I’m in love with misery.

If you can up my pride, don’t,
Go ahead and treat me bad.
If you let me fly, I won’t,
Won’t do anything that makes me glad.
I’ve been sad too long now,
I’ve fallen in love with misery.

After being betrayed and losing trust,
I’m not used to being loved.
I always manage to finish last,
I’m used to being pushed and shoved.
If it hadn’t started to feel so good,
I wouldn’t let go of my misery.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Irony

When I wake up tomorrow,
I’ll wish I’d done more today.
But today, I know;
I have no courage.

I can trust tomorrow,
I feel it’ll be easier.
But tomorrow,
I would have betrayed today.

If I should sacrifice today,
To make tomorrow better,
Why can’t I sacrifice tomorrow,
To make today better?

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's just life.

At the end of the day,
I sit broken hearted,
The girl of my dreams,
She’s with another man,
Who I hated all my life.
I smile to myself,
I’ve realised, it’s just life.

At the end of the day,
When I’ve been discouraged,
The job that I have,
Is far from what I’ve wanted,
I want to overcome the failure.
I smile to myself,
I’ve realised, it’s just life.

At the end of the day,
When I feel let down,
The team I root for,
Has been losing in a row,
I can only wish it wins.
I smile to myself,
I’ve realised, it’s just life.

At the end of the day,
When I feel like a loser,
I know I haven’t voted,
But everyone hates my choice,
I hope they’re all proved wrong.
I smile to myself,
I’ve realised, it’s just life.

At the end of the day,
I lie in bed, I’m glad,
After realizing the beauty of life,
When everything seems conquered,
My stomach starts hurting.
I laugh with myself,
I’ve realised, it’s just life.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I miss our everything.

I really miss the way you used to love me,
Now I think about it and I cry.
Would you tell me where I went wrong,
If there’s any way I could rectify.

I really miss the closeness that we shared,
And the way our eyes could read each other’s minds.
I wonder where all the love just vanished,
If there’s anything that remains that we could find.

I really miss the calm that was between us,
How we always longed to talk a little more.
Just how the world, it turned its back upon us,
How everything could stop from being sore.

I really miss how we’d run into each other,
How everything should have lasted a little longer.
Our love was pure, we knew it, we were sure,
Every day it would make us even stronger.

I really miss the innocence we had,
If we could stop playing games that now we lose.
Why things go wrong when they appear so right,
If you could still love me like I love you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Classroom Blues

Oh girl,
I finally managed …
I got you out of my mind.
I left behind the games you played.
And girl you lost out on me.
Your pride and your stupid friends,
They helped you lose me.

Well all your friends; I can tell you,
They used you to play with me,
Because they knew it,
They knew they’d never be
Good enough for me.
But let me tell you,
None of them can do a thing,
To make you feel better,
When you cry with a broken heart,
And wonder what went wrong.

And, Oh the pride,
You wanted me crazy about you,
Lose my mind over you,
Well you got me baby !!
Every single bit of me !!
Thought of you all the time,
You gave me the classroom blues.

I have nothing to hate you,
That’s the way you are,
I just hope your next man,
Saves himself the pain in time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Me and my Poem.

It’s just a poem,
Words around a feeling.
It’s pain and pleasure,
In a beautiful way.

Love me more,
And I’ll write a poem.
Break my heart,
And I’ll put it down.

It’s just what I do,
To remember me.
So I can see,
What I did to me.

It’s just words,
They don’t make me,
I make them,
They’re just who I am.

Don’t judge me by them,
About what I don’t write.
Otherwise I’m just normal,
I just know what I feel.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Our world !!

The situation is bad,
The world is going mad,

We don’t know who’s strong,
The wrong people have the big bombs.

We live in fear each day,
The clouds are always grey,
Every day they say they’ll kill us,
And then they say they’ll grill us.

They take planes through our buildings,
In hotels, they shoot our children,
They blow up our trains and buses,
Threaten our women and kill their lovers.

The government says everything’s fine,
They just sit there killing time,
They only come out for our votes,
We’re only left with hope.

This isn’t new we know,
It must have happened before,
To every generation,
Who faced this situation.

It’s a challenge; it’s a fight,
We’ve got to put in all our might,
They try to rule with guns and words,
We’ll take it back, it’s our world !!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Be Loved

All you know is
How delicate you are.
Learn to trust me,
I’ll be your strength.

All you know is
How your heart can be broken.
Hold on to me,
I’ll never let that happen.

But you don’t know
How much you can be loved.
Come a little closer,
And I’ll let you know.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Tennis Match

So this is a game. It’s different from anything I’ve ever posted on my blog before. And I want your take on it. I request all of you to post comments. In this blog post, your opinion matters, not just my thoughts. So here it goes:

Picture a tennis game. It involves 2 players. Player A and player B. the rules of the game are that the players are not really supposed to play a conventional game. Their main objective would be to put up a show for the audience, wherein they are expected to display great tennis playing skills and enthrall the audience. For which both player A and player B will be rewarded. But in any case, should they fail to ‘complete’ the tennis match, they shall both be deemed losers.
So, player A invites player B for this interesting game of tennis, and starts the game in front of a huge audience. Player A serves first. Player B almost misses the shot but manages to return the ball in an amazing display of skill. When the ball goes back to player A, player A pretends player B hasn’t actually returned the ball but a bomb instead (like in Tom and Jerry cartoons where Jerry returns a bomb to Tom instead of the ball and the bomb explodes leaving Tom with the tennis racket around his neck). But player B had indeed returned the ball and not a bomb. Player A runs away from the tennis court and the stadium. Leaving player B in the middle of the tennis court and both of them lose the prize money. A couple of months later, player A invites player B for this interesting game again and does the same. Player B is obviously disappointed and feels betrayed but is still interested in completing the game once. So the question this brings to one’s mind is:

1. What must player B do to player A when they meet next?
2. How is player A expected to react?

So this is what I need from you: your answers.
I’m requesting this time. I’m not putting my state of mind. Just a random thought, though it does resemble the situation between India and Pakistan to some extent. But then, it happens in normal life as well.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Till I See Her

I look around,
But she’s not there.
I look again,
She’s still not there.
And I hope,
And live by the feeling,
That when I turn around again,
I’ll see her there,
Smiling at me with that look in her eyes,
Teasing the look on my face,
Adoring it.
And then bring a smile to my face,
With her smile.
Then take me by the hand,
Far away,
Where it’s just her and me,
Looking into each other’s eyes,
Relishing the beauty of it all.

But I still can’t see her.
I look everywhere,
Hoping to see her,
The next time I turn around.
And then finally I see her,
Walking towards me,
To take me by the hand,
Just as I had imagined.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh world, I surrender to your might
And everything I can’t do.
All that’s not in my hands,
And all that I refuse to take in my hands.

I give myself to you,
Do whatever you want to.
But how I react and face it,
Sorry, I can’t disclose that.

I’ve given you my everything,
You want my emotions too.
Think whatever of me,
But what I think of me is mine.

I’ll put me away from you,
Oh how important do you think you are?
Can’t even decide on one result,
And you thought you could rule me.

You’re nothing but an image,
A mere reflection of me.
I can change you as I wish,
You can do nothing to me.

But I surrender to you,
So I don’t have to worry,
About how you control me.
But I surrender to you,

So I can take control of me.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Yes, it does pain me,
To see myself
A little less than my best.
Just the way it does,
To see stark orators fumble,
To see great runners stumble,
To see mountaineers shiver.

Yes, it does pain me,
To see, slipping out of my hand
What I knew
Like the back of my hand,
As if everything I ever conquered,
Belongs to some other man,
And I gave it all away.

What pains the most I know,
Is faith that has been lost,
Some gate it seems it’s crossed,
To a far away land,
From where it won’t come back.
I’m glad I still have faith,
And that it heals all of my pain.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Innocent Craving.

I can’t help it,
Emotions are valid.
Everyone’s felt it ,
We all have had it.
The urge to possess,
And to be a little greedy.
To crave for the pointless,
Make yourself feel needy.
Like the little four-year-old,
Without the nice toy.
Who’s treated somewhat cold,
By those who enjoy.

I can’t help it,
Emotions are valid.
Everyone’s felt it.
We all have had it.
To enjoy like others,
To feel like they do.
To father and mother
Say “I want that too”.
Saying to ourselves,
“You don’t really need it”.
But the incompleteness,
You still can feel it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let go of me.

Money!! Darned money!!
Ties me down to you.
Doesn’t let me live my life.
I’m not bound to you by love.
It’s money,
And the way you remind me
All the time,
About all the money
And take responsibility,
For my life.

There’s doubt and mocking
For all of my decisions.
Because I have nothing to show,
It’s your money that flows.
My faith and all my beliefs,
Everything that I stand for,
Don’t seem logical at all.
Well that’s why it’s faith.
It’ll never make me fall,
That’s what keeps me on my feet.

You decide the part of my life,
That’s just not important to me.
That’s a dead me.
You killed me long ago.
When you made my decision,
Doubted my ability,
And forced out all the love.
You want to do nothing now.
You think there’s still love,
Yet you watch me suffer, tell me how?

Let me tell you something,
It’s not even you,
It’s everyone around you.
They don’t even have a clue,
No idea why they exist.
They live on everyone else’s expectations.
Walk down the same road every day,
Send their children down the same road.
Well they want their children’s money,
They just use them to appear sunny.

You’ve never let me decide,
Even if you have,
You never let me realise I was wrong.
I don’t want to live big in one go.
I know that can’t be done,
But I want to live at least.
Live on my own for myself.
Know what I’m worth to me.
And let you give me only love,
That’s the best I want you to do.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

All we have

To close my eyes
And then open them
And see you
In front of me,
Will, maybe, make me happy.

To be dragged through
To get to the other end,
Of a dark tunnel,
Knowing there would be
Light at the end,
I know, won’t make me happy.

To lose myself in the pain,
So much that it’s fun,
To know that the suffering
Wouldn’t be in vain,
No matter how it ends
Would be so satisfying,
So fulfilling.

To know we’ll all be gone,
And that
We’re not so important,
To so many of us
Seems completely demeaning,
To our own existence.

To imagine the stillness,
At the end of everything,
Sends chills down my spine.
When there will be no thoughts,
For you and for me.

Will even love last forever ?
Death can kill a person,
Not the love for them.
But what about the dead,
Do they feel anything at all ?
Do they even feel our love for them ?

So why wait till the end ?
Knowing the end is uncertain,
And that nothing lasts.
Love all that you can,
Care for everyone you can.
And miss them when they’re gone,
But remember to move on.
And try everything that doesn’t harm.
Because what you despise,
Is wonderful to some.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Love, Permanence and everything else.

Me and my friend were sitting outside the college gate yesterday, discussing life. Spirituality to be precise. We discussed having a guru and permanence. About seeking both. He said to me “The guru will find the student when the student is ready”. And we agreed just as we had when he said the same thing about a soul mate.
He told me how unsettled his mind had been for the past few days. He’d been thinking how temporary everything was. “Why should I do it if it won’t last?”
We talked about how permanent the present was, how uncertain the next moment was and how the past was like a dream. The now was all we had. Everything we talked about, the conversation, the mosquitoes, and the cars driving in and out of the gate; now they seem like parts of an act. And they’re all in the past now, the dream. I would feel the same way about the conversation if it had appeared to me in a dream.
Then we talked about observing the world. Observing ourselves. We talked about how everything could have been planned, how it was all destined to happen. But that could be said only after it had happened and become like a dream, a memory. Because the next moment is uncertain. So how could it be written before.
And then we talked about permanence. And again we said,” When we’re ready for it, it’ll be there. We needn’t seek it.” He said “Why should I do something for this moment, even though this moment is eternal, if it wouldn’t last the next moment”. Everything changes. If seeking permanence wouldn’t get it to us, then the next best thing to do was to seek the exact opposite of permanence. The temporariness of the present moment. And considering the availability of the present moment, it seemed satisfying enough.
We said good bye. I thought of the uneasiness he said existed in his mind and how he talked of becoming the permanence.
Then in the morning today, I realized. Only change is permanent. If we learn to accept change, we would understand permanence. And that we would have understood something that would exist long after we are gone. Even when we become a memory, like a dream. When we seem like we were terrific actors in a play. We changed with circumstances. We were what was changing. We were the change.
Where everything exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. Where all opposites meet and dualities cease to exist. Where everything unites. Just like death unites us all and everything loses significance. Where only change is permanent.

And as I finish what I’m writing, I realise, we didn’t talk about love. Any kind of love.
That makes all kinds of change acceptable.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Go on, Fall in love.

When you fall in love,
You must know what she’s worth.
If she can rob you of all else,
If she can stay up late at night.
Help you follow your dreams,
And know what they mean to you.
If you can talk to her,
And she calms you with her touch.
If she strengthens you with her trust,
And gives you the pleasures of love and lust.
If she can balance and complete you,
And you love the way she treats you.
You must know she’s wise and loves herself,
Isn’t after your money or proud of her face.
And it doesn’t end here.
She must know what you’re worth,
If she knows what she wants,
And looks for it in you.
If she can talk to you,
And lets you know everything.
If you can sit quietly by her side,
Listen to her and make her light.
Hold her firmly when she’s low,
Make her smile and bring back her glow.

Get together and fight your problems,
Be with each other through thick and thin.
You’ll fall in love, that would be nice.
But it’s delicate, can melt like ice.
Make your love like snow, soft and fun,
Don’t fiddle with it or treat it bad,
Nurture it and let it grow.
Just like a beautiful rose.

And when you’ve seen it all,
You walk slow and have grey hair,
The love will still be beautiful,
And with her by your side,
You’ll know how long you’ve lived,
And why you never grew old.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another chance

I didn't want to disturb you
I didn't plan to hurt you
I have a stupid heart
It was counting on the past
All I did was wait
I did it the wrong way.

I know I'll change your mind
And you'd think it's divine
You'll like the way I speak
The way your knees go weak
I won't go about and fray
I'll do it the right way.

I know I was very lazy
When I should have been crazy
Give me another chance
I promise you, you'll dance
Dance the way you sway
When I do it the right way.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not in love with her.

I'd seen her before
And her beautiful smile.
I couldn't ask for more
If she never had to cry.
But it's such a pity,
I'm not in love with her.

There's nothing she lacks,
If I can be totally fair.
'Bout her slender back,
And her lovely long beautiful hair.
Oh it's a pity,
I'm not in love with her.

But when I saw her last night
In her psychedelic colors,
Her dress was skin tight,
She looked better than the others.
But still it's a pity,
I'm not in love with her.

If she showed her love
For one of the boys.
There could be mistrust
Among the other guys.
And it's a pity,
That I won't be fighting for her.

I'd never seen her before,
Like I saw her last night.
I couldn't ask for more,
If she never had to cry.
And I know it's a pity,
But I'm just not in love with her.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lovely Old Times.

I’m coming home again,
So please hold my hand
Treat me like you did
When I was a boy.
Like the time I’d cry,
For every other toy.

Well I’ll get up
Late in the morning,
And eat whatever I want.
Chocolates for breakfast
And the cold drinks,
And ice-cream for lunch.

We’ll go for a drive
Late at night
In the car.
And though I can drive,
I’ll sit in the backseat,
And help you reverse.

And when we get back
We eat ice-cream,
Along with chocolate chips.
Then we stack our plates,
Put them on the shelf,
And go off to sleep.

Then on Saturday at noon,
We go to the mall.
We shop there
And walk around.
And we look at stuff,
We won’t really buy.

We shop till we drop,
And when we’re tired,
We drag ourselves,
To the pizza shop.
We smell the good stuff,
And then we hog !!

And when we’ve
Laughed out hearts out
On a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Lying in bed,
Tickling each other,
And our eyes full of laughter,
We’ll realize everything.
All the love we’ve missed,
Each other’s company,
How times have changed.
We used to be together,
And took it all for granted,
Now we crave for it,
And write songs about it
When we imagine it.
Can’t have the old times back.
Just the memories
And time to recollect them.
That’s all we have now.
Life’s come one full circle,
The love is still the same.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grey Eyed Girl.

Grey eyed girl shining bright
And she doesn’t even mind,
Working till late at night.
She’s got no complains,
She even has time to play games.
Comes out and smiles.

Well you should know ,
She isn’t lying,
If she comes up to you,
And says she loves you.

She’s a strong willed woman,
Compromises with no one.
She knows her work,
And she does it right.
Puts in all her might.
She knows how to balance
Everything in life,
And you can see it in her eyes.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Let it go !!

Forget it,
Don’t be too harsh on yourself.
That was all,
There’s nothing more to it.
Stop it, crush it,
Put an end to it.
It saddens you every day,
It turns you into a pendulum.
It takes away your time,
And you just wait for your turn.
But you don’t really want it,
Now it’s over.

My understanding of LOVE.

Of frustration, I ask.
What on earth is love?
The question would be wrong,
Love is universal.
It would exist in space
If I were to go there.
My friends would hold me,
And not let me float away.
Just like they do now,
Keep me from getting lost
Into the wilderness and vastness.
I could end up lost and worried.
Look for my way,
Where there is no way.
So I’m glad there are friends,
Who love me right.

And when we get older,
We build other priorities,
Get on each other’s nerves,
And start to part our ways,
I’m sure I’ll fall in love.
With a girl who’s dreamt of me.
Then she’ll love me right,
Look after me all the while.
And I know she’ll be my friend,
Otherwise I wouldn’t fall in love.

This is how I’ve defined it,
The only love that exists for now,
Is the one that friends give me.
And to love somebody else,
A girl who’s not my friend,
Would be very unfair,
To all my friends and me.
So till we are together,
Our love will make us bigger.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Day I Die. (written with tears in the eyes)

What would you do,
If I walked up to you
And told you,
I would die tomorrow ?

Mother would you hold me close,
And talk to your baby inside me ?
Father would you buy me the best electric guitar,
And take me for a ride in a luxury car ?
Sister would you still prepare me
For the world ahead, and protect me ?
Friends would you hug me as you walk in,
Look through your teary eyes, and remember times ?

I hope I’ll gather the courage
To talk about all my dreams,
And express my displeasure,
At everything everyone thought was important.
I hope I’d be forgiven
When I confess all my sins.
And I hope nobody explains
Or tries to justify themselves,
Because it would be my day,
The only day I die.

How long will it take you,
To fill the blank i leave ?
How long will you be sad
After I’m dead ?
Have you ever thought
What would hurt you more ?
If I died without telling you,
Or if I plead for solitude,
On the day I die.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day.

As I sit here single today
I realize how much I love everything.
I love the way I recognize her voice
Amongst ten others when she’s out of sight.
I love the way she waves her hand,
To say a ‘hi’ if I don’t notice her.
I love the way she runs into me,
Almost anywhere, any time of the day.
I love the way her friends plan it,
To let her know where I am.
I love the way all my friends tease me,
And tell me to walk up to her and talk.
I love the way she’s more special today
Because today’s Valentine’s Day.
And I’d love the way everyday would be more special
If she’d been my Valentine today.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh The Hills ...

I wish to go back
To that beautiful land.
Where the cold wind was sweet,
The fields green and brown.
The big, white windmills
Showed how pure the world is.
The green in the valleys,
And the trees I saw.

The waterfalls in the rain,
Would have been a great sight.
Too bad I missed them,
But I’m glad I imagined it,
Gave it my own beauty.

The early morning fog,
The trees I saw through it,
The reflection of the trees in the pond,
The depth behind the trees,
The sunrise in the distance,
The fruits that had fallen,
The birds that ate the fruits,
The trees from which they flew,
I wish I could be there with you.

And if I go there alone,
It wouldn’t be painful,
The beauty would heal it.
I hope you can feel
What it is to be there.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

We Have Each Other.

There’s so much I couldn’t say,
There’s so much to talk about.
But circumstances,
Why did they turn their back on us??
Why were we left alone??
With no one but each other
Knowing each other’s pain.
Sitting in opposite corners, crying.
While everyone else dances.
I promise we’ll dance,
And make the world dance
To our newfound tunes.
When our love triumphs.
We’ve been through this before,
We know what to do.
Let it not stop us,
Let’s do it again.
Smile like we did.
Let’s learn again,
From these new mistakes,
We know we’ll fly someday.
There’s love in our stride,
And support in our stumble.
We have each other.

Smile Little Girl

The dreams have been broken
Cry if you want to,
Let’s cry together
I wish I could be there
Hold you, and help you.
Give you my shoulder
And everything else.
Prepare you for the fight
You have to fight again.
It’s been really very harsh
We know you can do it
You know you can do it.
Crumple your fears,
And wipe those tears.
You’ve had enough
It’s payback time.
Bring back that smile.
And tell me you’re smiling.
I’m so far away,
There’s not much I can do
But one thing’s for sure,
I can’t imagine you crying.
So take those broken dreams,
Mend them, rebuild them,
Do what needs to be done.
They’re your dreams
And you’ve worked for them.
So, smile little girl
We know you can do it
Just like you do.
And tell me you’re smiling
I can imagine you smiling.
And that’s all I can do.
Don’t worry, cheer up.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Take melted chocolate,
Sprinkle gold on it.
That’s the colour of her eyes.
And to sink in the chocolate,
Is what I feel
When I look into her eyes.
She just grabs me
And says a million things
With her eyes.
Forces me to look
And makes me realize
That’s what I need
Tells me;
That’s what she needs.
Doesn’t let me move
And we only look.
And those little lines
Around the corners of her eyes,
When she smiles,
With childlike innocence
Makes me want to be with her
And look after her.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


We have a friend
Who doesn’t want the name
Or the fame we give him.
He makes his own love
And he gives love.
And we love him.
So that’s how you get love,
You give it.
Love isn’t measurable,
It isn’t equal to anything.
Love contains everything,
It’s like a land.
It has space for everyone
And everyone has space for love.
Love is like you and me,
Only foolish, but luckier.
Can’t see any boundaries,
Just enters and lets us enter.
We must all be like love
And make everyone ours
And be like our friend
Because she’s love.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let's just Love.

So they did it again.
Caught us unaware.
Hit us from behind,
And now they play be blind.
We want peace.
Let the love increase.
Let’s make this grand,
And hold each other’s hands.
Let’s help one another,
Prepare for the trouble.
Let me tell you honey
This really isn’t funny.

I’ll go out and shine,
For everything that’s mine.
Now the time is right
I know the future’s bright.
You and I hold the light,
We don’t have to fight.
The light comes from within,
Let it out through your grin.
So come along with me,
And let’s fulfill our dream.
Let’s just spread the love,
And free the burdened doves.