Sunday, April 5, 2009

All we have

To close my eyes
And then open them
And see you
In front of me,
Will, maybe, make me happy.

To be dragged through
To get to the other end,
Of a dark tunnel,
Knowing there would be
Light at the end,
I know, won’t make me happy.

To lose myself in the pain,
So much that it’s fun,
To know that the suffering
Wouldn’t be in vain,
No matter how it ends
Would be so satisfying,
So fulfilling.

To know we’ll all be gone,
And that
We’re not so important,
To so many of us
Seems completely demeaning,
To our own existence.

To imagine the stillness,
At the end of everything,
Sends chills down my spine.
When there will be no thoughts,
For you and for me.

Will even love last forever ?
Death can kill a person,
Not the love for them.
But what about the dead,
Do they feel anything at all ?
Do they even feel our love for them ?

So why wait till the end ?
Knowing the end is uncertain,
And that nothing lasts.
Love all that you can,
Care for everyone you can.
And miss them when they’re gone,
But remember to move on.
And try everything that doesn’t harm.
Because what you despise,
Is wonderful to some.


Sameer said...


so many poems and articles,from that one conversation!

why didn't any one prompt you to talk more on such subjects more often?

Rachit Jain said...

thanks for finding the time to read it :) ... i hope the mind is settled now :)