Friday, August 28, 2009

My Dream World

I don’t want to,
This isn’t my calling,
Success doesn’t lie here,
I belong somewhere else.

Where words flow out,
Free from the mind,
Free from the world,
Into human hearts.

Words that understand,
Express all emotions,
Make one comfortable,
The world worth living.

Where I can fly,
Like birds in the sky,
With no limits,
My imagination runs wild.

It should feel like home,
Some place I call my own,
Where I can still be at ease,
In the darkest of times.

Where I’m inspired,
Not just in bad times,
But in good times as well,
To express happiness.

This wonderful world,
I have in my mind,
But until it’s conceived,
I’ll have to return.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It might have taken years,
But the believer in me,
Has woken up again,
Standing up to the cynic in me.
The evil doesn’t last forever.
It just takes a little love,
To have hope and faith,
And a belief to believe in,
To live a life,
And not just survive.

It feels good to feel good,
To have all the happy thoughts,
Spread them all around.
To know when you’re right,
Stand up to the wrong.
To love with all you have,
And know it will be alright.
To feel nothing is in vain.
To learn to only give,
And not feel foolish about it.