Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grey Eyed Girl.

Grey eyed girl shining bright
And she doesn’t even mind,
Working till late at night.
She’s got no complains,
She even has time to play games.
Comes out and smiles.

Well you should know ,
She isn’t lying,
If she comes up to you,
And says she loves you.

She’s a strong willed woman,
Compromises with no one.
She knows her work,
And she does it right.
Puts in all her might.
She knows how to balance
Everything in life,
And you can see it in her eyes.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Let it go !!

Forget it,
Don’t be too harsh on yourself.
That was all,
There’s nothing more to it.
Stop it, crush it,
Put an end to it.
It saddens you every day,
It turns you into a pendulum.
It takes away your time,
And you just wait for your turn.
But you don’t really want it,
Now it’s over.

My understanding of LOVE.

Of frustration, I ask.
What on earth is love?
The question would be wrong,
Love is universal.
It would exist in space
If I were to go there.
My friends would hold me,
And not let me float away.
Just like they do now,
Keep me from getting lost
Into the wilderness and vastness.
I could end up lost and worried.
Look for my way,
Where there is no way.
So I’m glad there are friends,
Who love me right.

And when we get older,
We build other priorities,
Get on each other’s nerves,
And start to part our ways,
I’m sure I’ll fall in love.
With a girl who’s dreamt of me.
Then she’ll love me right,
Look after me all the while.
And I know she’ll be my friend,
Otherwise I wouldn’t fall in love.

This is how I’ve defined it,
The only love that exists for now,
Is the one that friends give me.
And to love somebody else,
A girl who’s not my friend,
Would be very unfair,
To all my friends and me.
So till we are together,
Our love will make us bigger.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Day I Die. (written with tears in the eyes)

What would you do,
If I walked up to you
And told you,
I would die tomorrow ?

Mother would you hold me close,
And talk to your baby inside me ?
Father would you buy me the best electric guitar,
And take me for a ride in a luxury car ?
Sister would you still prepare me
For the world ahead, and protect me ?
Friends would you hug me as you walk in,
Look through your teary eyes, and remember times ?

I hope I’ll gather the courage
To talk about all my dreams,
And express my displeasure,
At everything everyone thought was important.
I hope I’d be forgiven
When I confess all my sins.
And I hope nobody explains
Or tries to justify themselves,
Because it would be my day,
The only day I die.

How long will it take you,
To fill the blank i leave ?
How long will you be sad
After I’m dead ?
Have you ever thought
What would hurt you more ?
If I died without telling you,
Or if I plead for solitude,
On the day I die.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day.

As I sit here single today
I realize how much I love everything.
I love the way I recognize her voice
Amongst ten others when she’s out of sight.
I love the way she waves her hand,
To say a ‘hi’ if I don’t notice her.
I love the way she runs into me,
Almost anywhere, any time of the day.
I love the way her friends plan it,
To let her know where I am.
I love the way all my friends tease me,
And tell me to walk up to her and talk.
I love the way she’s more special today
Because today’s Valentine’s Day.
And I’d love the way everyday would be more special
If she’d been my Valentine today.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh The Hills ...

I wish to go back
To that beautiful land.
Where the cold wind was sweet,
The fields green and brown.
The big, white windmills
Showed how pure the world is.
The green in the valleys,
And the trees I saw.

The waterfalls in the rain,
Would have been a great sight.
Too bad I missed them,
But I’m glad I imagined it,
Gave it my own beauty.

The early morning fog,
The trees I saw through it,
The reflection of the trees in the pond,
The depth behind the trees,
The sunrise in the distance,
The fruits that had fallen,
The birds that ate the fruits,
The trees from which they flew,
I wish I could be there with you.

And if I go there alone,
It wouldn’t be painful,
The beauty would heal it.
I hope you can feel
What it is to be there.