Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grey Eyed Girl.

Grey eyed girl shining bright
And she doesn’t even mind,
Working till late at night.
She’s got no complains,
She even has time to play games.
Comes out and smiles.

Well you should know ,
She isn’t lying,
If she comes up to you,
And says she loves you.

She’s a strong willed woman,
Compromises with no one.
She knows her work,
And she does it right.
Puts in all her might.
She knows how to balance
Everything in life,
And you can see it in her eyes.


sakshi agrawal said...

kaun hai wo ladki... with grey eyes....
we shd also know who is d special
jiske baare mein itni poems likhte ho....

Rachit Jain said...

na na ... sab alag alag ladkiyon ke liye hain :) ... wo wali ki brown eyes hain ... iski grey ... :D

Sameer said...


ladki to fix kar rachit!

Swati! said...

oh my god..and i though she only smiled at you
the shoes!!!!!!!!!!

Rachit Jain said...

and this is what a smile did to me ... i can only imagine what more could have done to me ... *sigh* ...