Monday, May 9, 2011

Your New God

Here we are again,
Standing at loggerheads,
My worst fear against yours.
Death may liberate me,
But I am here to liberate you.
I am your new God.
My freedom will show you the way.
I am the new idea.
I am your new light.

You can show me what you want to,
But you can’t change my vision.
You can show me the way,
But you can’t send me there.

I see what you can’t,
I do what I want.

And I’ll change your world,
Because I am the one,
I am your new God.

Monday, May 2, 2011


There I was,
Standing at the gates of afterlife.
Mirrors all around me,
My reflections staring at me.
There were questions I had to answer to myself.

Why did I live the way I did?

Did I have values to fight for?
Did I have beliefs to stand by,
Did I have faith to pull me through?
Could I justify my life?

Did I willingly forgive the misled?
Did I willingly forgive myself?

Why did I make the decisions I made,
Were they for those I loved,
Or for those I feared?

Did I do anything for myself,
Or for those weaker than me?
What made me think they were weaker than me?

Was I ever open to love,
To give and to receive?
Did I let somebody love me,
Did I give somebody hope?
Could I justify my life,
If I really ever lived,
Or only just survived?

As these questions were being asked,
I couldn’t move the slightest bit,
And I had no answers.
Just one regret,
If I had only asked myself these questions,
While I was still alive .