Monday, April 27, 2009

Our world !!

The situation is bad,
The world is going mad,

We don’t know who’s strong,
The wrong people have the big bombs.

We live in fear each day,
The clouds are always grey,
Every day they say they’ll kill us,
And then they say they’ll grill us.

They take planes through our buildings,
In hotels, they shoot our children,
They blow up our trains and buses,
Threaten our women and kill their lovers.

The government says everything’s fine,
They just sit there killing time,
They only come out for our votes,
We’re only left with hope.

This isn’t new we know,
It must have happened before,
To every generation,
Who faced this situation.

It’s a challenge; it’s a fight,
We’ve got to put in all our might,
They try to rule with guns and words,
We’ll take it back, it’s our world !!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Be Loved

All you know is
How delicate you are.
Learn to trust me,
I’ll be your strength.

All you know is
How your heart can be broken.
Hold on to me,
I’ll never let that happen.

But you don’t know
How much you can be loved.
Come a little closer,
And I’ll let you know.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Tennis Match

So this is a game. It’s different from anything I’ve ever posted on my blog before. And I want your take on it. I request all of you to post comments. In this blog post, your opinion matters, not just my thoughts. So here it goes:

Picture a tennis game. It involves 2 players. Player A and player B. the rules of the game are that the players are not really supposed to play a conventional game. Their main objective would be to put up a show for the audience, wherein they are expected to display great tennis playing skills and enthrall the audience. For which both player A and player B will be rewarded. But in any case, should they fail to ‘complete’ the tennis match, they shall both be deemed losers.
So, player A invites player B for this interesting game of tennis, and starts the game in front of a huge audience. Player A serves first. Player B almost misses the shot but manages to return the ball in an amazing display of skill. When the ball goes back to player A, player A pretends player B hasn’t actually returned the ball but a bomb instead (like in Tom and Jerry cartoons where Jerry returns a bomb to Tom instead of the ball and the bomb explodes leaving Tom with the tennis racket around his neck). But player B had indeed returned the ball and not a bomb. Player A runs away from the tennis court and the stadium. Leaving player B in the middle of the tennis court and both of them lose the prize money. A couple of months later, player A invites player B for this interesting game again and does the same. Player B is obviously disappointed and feels betrayed but is still interested in completing the game once. So the question this brings to one’s mind is:

1. What must player B do to player A when they meet next?
2. How is player A expected to react?

So this is what I need from you: your answers.
I’m requesting this time. I’m not putting my state of mind. Just a random thought, though it does resemble the situation between India and Pakistan to some extent. But then, it happens in normal life as well.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Till I See Her

I look around,
But she’s not there.
I look again,
She’s still not there.
And I hope,
And live by the feeling,
That when I turn around again,
I’ll see her there,
Smiling at me with that look in her eyes,
Teasing the look on my face,
Adoring it.
And then bring a smile to my face,
With her smile.
Then take me by the hand,
Far away,
Where it’s just her and me,
Looking into each other’s eyes,
Relishing the beauty of it all.

But I still can’t see her.
I look everywhere,
Hoping to see her,
The next time I turn around.
And then finally I see her,
Walking towards me,
To take me by the hand,
Just as I had imagined.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh world, I surrender to your might
And everything I can’t do.
All that’s not in my hands,
And all that I refuse to take in my hands.

I give myself to you,
Do whatever you want to.
But how I react and face it,
Sorry, I can’t disclose that.

I’ve given you my everything,
You want my emotions too.
Think whatever of me,
But what I think of me is mine.

I’ll put me away from you,
Oh how important do you think you are?
Can’t even decide on one result,
And you thought you could rule me.

You’re nothing but an image,
A mere reflection of me.
I can change you as I wish,
You can do nothing to me.

But I surrender to you,
So I don’t have to worry,
About how you control me.
But I surrender to you,

So I can take control of me.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Yes, it does pain me,
To see myself
A little less than my best.
Just the way it does,
To see stark orators fumble,
To see great runners stumble,
To see mountaineers shiver.

Yes, it does pain me,
To see, slipping out of my hand
What I knew
Like the back of my hand,
As if everything I ever conquered,
Belongs to some other man,
And I gave it all away.

What pains the most I know,
Is faith that has been lost,
Some gate it seems it’s crossed,
To a far away land,
From where it won’t come back.
I’m glad I still have faith,
And that it heals all of my pain.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Innocent Craving.

I can’t help it,
Emotions are valid.
Everyone’s felt it ,
We all have had it.
The urge to possess,
And to be a little greedy.
To crave for the pointless,
Make yourself feel needy.
Like the little four-year-old,
Without the nice toy.
Who’s treated somewhat cold,
By those who enjoy.

I can’t help it,
Emotions are valid.
Everyone’s felt it.
We all have had it.
To enjoy like others,
To feel like they do.
To father and mother
Say “I want that too”.
Saying to ourselves,
“You don’t really need it”.
But the incompleteness,
You still can feel it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let go of me.

Money!! Darned money!!
Ties me down to you.
Doesn’t let me live my life.
I’m not bound to you by love.
It’s money,
And the way you remind me
All the time,
About all the money
And take responsibility,
For my life.

There’s doubt and mocking
For all of my decisions.
Because I have nothing to show,
It’s your money that flows.
My faith and all my beliefs,
Everything that I stand for,
Don’t seem logical at all.
Well that’s why it’s faith.
It’ll never make me fall,
That’s what keeps me on my feet.

You decide the part of my life,
That’s just not important to me.
That’s a dead me.
You killed me long ago.
When you made my decision,
Doubted my ability,
And forced out all the love.
You want to do nothing now.
You think there’s still love,
Yet you watch me suffer, tell me how?

Let me tell you something,
It’s not even you,
It’s everyone around you.
They don’t even have a clue,
No idea why they exist.
They live on everyone else’s expectations.
Walk down the same road every day,
Send their children down the same road.
Well they want their children’s money,
They just use them to appear sunny.

You’ve never let me decide,
Even if you have,
You never let me realise I was wrong.
I don’t want to live big in one go.
I know that can’t be done,
But I want to live at least.
Live on my own for myself.
Know what I’m worth to me.
And let you give me only love,
That’s the best I want you to do.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

All we have

To close my eyes
And then open them
And see you
In front of me,
Will, maybe, make me happy.

To be dragged through
To get to the other end,
Of a dark tunnel,
Knowing there would be
Light at the end,
I know, won’t make me happy.

To lose myself in the pain,
So much that it’s fun,
To know that the suffering
Wouldn’t be in vain,
No matter how it ends
Would be so satisfying,
So fulfilling.

To know we’ll all be gone,
And that
We’re not so important,
To so many of us
Seems completely demeaning,
To our own existence.

To imagine the stillness,
At the end of everything,
Sends chills down my spine.
When there will be no thoughts,
For you and for me.

Will even love last forever ?
Death can kill a person,
Not the love for them.
But what about the dead,
Do they feel anything at all ?
Do they even feel our love for them ?

So why wait till the end ?
Knowing the end is uncertain,
And that nothing lasts.
Love all that you can,
Care for everyone you can.
And miss them when they’re gone,
But remember to move on.
And try everything that doesn’t harm.
Because what you despise,
Is wonderful to some.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Love, Permanence and everything else.

Me and my friend were sitting outside the college gate yesterday, discussing life. Spirituality to be precise. We discussed having a guru and permanence. About seeking both. He said to me “The guru will find the student when the student is ready”. And we agreed just as we had when he said the same thing about a soul mate.
He told me how unsettled his mind had been for the past few days. He’d been thinking how temporary everything was. “Why should I do it if it won’t last?”
We talked about how permanent the present was, how uncertain the next moment was and how the past was like a dream. The now was all we had. Everything we talked about, the conversation, the mosquitoes, and the cars driving in and out of the gate; now they seem like parts of an act. And they’re all in the past now, the dream. I would feel the same way about the conversation if it had appeared to me in a dream.
Then we talked about observing the world. Observing ourselves. We talked about how everything could have been planned, how it was all destined to happen. But that could be said only after it had happened and become like a dream, a memory. Because the next moment is uncertain. So how could it be written before.
And then we talked about permanence. And again we said,” When we’re ready for it, it’ll be there. We needn’t seek it.” He said “Why should I do something for this moment, even though this moment is eternal, if it wouldn’t last the next moment”. Everything changes. If seeking permanence wouldn’t get it to us, then the next best thing to do was to seek the exact opposite of permanence. The temporariness of the present moment. And considering the availability of the present moment, it seemed satisfying enough.
We said good bye. I thought of the uneasiness he said existed in his mind and how he talked of becoming the permanence.
Then in the morning today, I realized. Only change is permanent. If we learn to accept change, we would understand permanence. And that we would have understood something that would exist long after we are gone. Even when we become a memory, like a dream. When we seem like we were terrific actors in a play. We changed with circumstances. We were what was changing. We were the change.
Where everything exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. Where all opposites meet and dualities cease to exist. Where everything unites. Just like death unites us all and everything loses significance. Where only change is permanent.

And as I finish what I’m writing, I realise, we didn’t talk about love. Any kind of love.
That makes all kinds of change acceptable.