Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Me and My Pride

Certain times in my life,
When it's just me and my pride,
We strike up conversations,
Mostly about my life.
Of what i had imagined,
And what i have become.

We talk about envy,
We talk about vanity,
How they're just the same thing,
And how perception is the only difference.
We talk about me,
And we talk about them.

We think of ideas,
And we make grand plans.
To influence far and wide,
Or to inspire the prepared.
We can go on forever,
We try to conquer each other.

We make decissions together,
And then we disagree.
We try to forgive each other,
For the thoughts that were let out free.
We try to heal each other,
For all that we could not be.

It's strange when they say,
I must let go of my pride,
That my pride pulls me down.
But my pride, I know, is important,
Because, for everything that happens,
Sometimes its my pride, and sometimes its me.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Your New God

Here we are again,
Standing at loggerheads,
My worst fear against yours.
Death may liberate me,
But I am here to liberate you.
I am your new God.
My freedom will show you the way.
I am the new idea.
I am your new light.

You can show me what you want to,
But you can’t change my vision.
You can show me the way,
But you can’t send me there.

I see what you can’t,
I do what I want.

And I’ll change your world,
Because I am the one,
I am your new God.

Monday, May 2, 2011


There I was,
Standing at the gates of afterlife.
Mirrors all around me,
My reflections staring at me.
There were questions I had to answer to myself.

Why did I live the way I did?

Did I have values to fight for?
Did I have beliefs to stand by,
Did I have faith to pull me through?
Could I justify my life?

Did I willingly forgive the misled?
Did I willingly forgive myself?

Why did I make the decisions I made,
Were they for those I loved,
Or for those I feared?

Did I do anything for myself,
Or for those weaker than me?
What made me think they were weaker than me?

Was I ever open to love,
To give and to receive?
Did I let somebody love me,
Did I give somebody hope?
Could I justify my life,
If I really ever lived,
Or only just survived?

As these questions were being asked,
I couldn’t move the slightest bit,
And I had no answers.
Just one regret,
If I had only asked myself these questions,
While I was still alive .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The One

I’ll put my heart on a boat,
And set it out to sail.
Into to the endless ocean,
And I’ll trust you to find it,
On another shore,
Maybe far away from me.

And when you find it,
Keep it safe.
I’ll come looking for you,
I’ll know you when I see you.
The one with my heart,
The one with my all.