Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Illusion

A big illusion,
And lives change,
Some know the truth,
Can’t express their thoughts.
A fighter, a princess,
And the winner.

The observers cry,
Pass a smile,
Turmoil in their heads they hide.
They all want to be,
A part of what they’re not,
The big illusion.

To be inspired or not,
Or to miss the illusion,
When they return to their lives.
Not knowing that their lives,
Are illusions to others,
Another big illusion.

Can’t live those lives,
Only observe them.
Go back to theirs,
Is all they can do.
Wishing to live,
The illusion they saw.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Brown Rose

She gave me a brown rose,
And told me to keep it,
Between the pages of my favourite book.
And I did.
It was fake.
As I shut the book,
And put it between the others,
It squished the petals,
And released the toxin.
It burnt the pages,
And spoilt the ink.
She’d vowed to take my pleasures away.