Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Go on, Fall in love.

When you fall in love,
You must know what she’s worth.
If she can rob you of all else,
If she can stay up late at night.
Help you follow your dreams,
And know what they mean to you.
If you can talk to her,
And she calms you with her touch.
If she strengthens you with her trust,
And gives you the pleasures of love and lust.
If she can balance and complete you,
And you love the way she treats you.
You must know she’s wise and loves herself,
Isn’t after your money or proud of her face.
And it doesn’t end here.
She must know what you’re worth,
If she knows what she wants,
And looks for it in you.
If she can talk to you,
And lets you know everything.
If you can sit quietly by her side,
Listen to her and make her light.
Hold her firmly when she’s low,
Make her smile and bring back her glow.

Get together and fight your problems,
Be with each other through thick and thin.
You’ll fall in love, that would be nice.
But it’s delicate, can melt like ice.
Make your love like snow, soft and fun,
Don’t fiddle with it or treat it bad,
Nurture it and let it grow.
Just like a beautiful rose.

And when you’ve seen it all,
You walk slow and have grey hair,
The love will still be beautiful,
And with her by your side,
You’ll know how long you’ve lived,
And why you never grew old.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another chance

I didn't want to disturb you
I didn't plan to hurt you
I have a stupid heart
It was counting on the past
All I did was wait
I did it the wrong way.

I know I'll change your mind
And you'd think it's divine
You'll like the way I speak
The way your knees go weak
I won't go about and fray
I'll do it the right way.

I know I was very lazy
When I should have been crazy
Give me another chance
I promise you, you'll dance
Dance the way you sway
When I do it the right way.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not in love with her.

I'd seen her before
And her beautiful smile.
I couldn't ask for more
If she never had to cry.
But it's such a pity,
I'm not in love with her.

There's nothing she lacks,
If I can be totally fair.
'Bout her slender back,
And her lovely long beautiful hair.
Oh it's a pity,
I'm not in love with her.

But when I saw her last night
In her psychedelic colors,
Her dress was skin tight,
She looked better than the others.
But still it's a pity,
I'm not in love with her.

If she showed her love
For one of the boys.
There could be mistrust
Among the other guys.
And it's a pity,
That I won't be fighting for her.

I'd never seen her before,
Like I saw her last night.
I couldn't ask for more,
If she never had to cry.
And I know it's a pity,
But I'm just not in love with her.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lovely Old Times.

I’m coming home again,
So please hold my hand
Treat me like you did
When I was a boy.
Like the time I’d cry,
For every other toy.

Well I’ll get up
Late in the morning,
And eat whatever I want.
Chocolates for breakfast
And the cold drinks,
And ice-cream for lunch.

We’ll go for a drive
Late at night
In the car.
And though I can drive,
I’ll sit in the backseat,
And help you reverse.

And when we get back
We eat ice-cream,
Along with chocolate chips.
Then we stack our plates,
Put them on the shelf,
And go off to sleep.

Then on Saturday at noon,
We go to the mall.
We shop there
And walk around.
And we look at stuff,
We won’t really buy.

We shop till we drop,
And when we’re tired,
We drag ourselves,
To the pizza shop.
We smell the good stuff,
And then we hog !!

And when we’ve
Laughed out hearts out
On a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Lying in bed,
Tickling each other,
And our eyes full of laughter,
We’ll realize everything.
All the love we’ve missed,
Each other’s company,
How times have changed.
We used to be together,
And took it all for granted,
Now we crave for it,
And write songs about it
When we imagine it.
Can’t have the old times back.
Just the memories
And time to recollect them.
That’s all we have now.
Life’s come one full circle,
The love is still the same.