Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another chance

I didn't want to disturb you
I didn't plan to hurt you
I have a stupid heart
It was counting on the past
All I did was wait
I did it the wrong way.

I know I'll change your mind
And you'd think it's divine
You'll like the way I speak
The way your knees go weak
I won't go about and fray
I'll do it the right way.

I know I was very lazy
When I should have been crazy
Give me another chance
I promise you, you'll dance
Dance the way you sway
When I do it the right way.


Sameer said...

bana li tuk bandi?hain?

masti waali poem with a bit of senti stuff?

Rachit Jain said...

oye ...this has nothing to do with recent happenings ... ye wali july 2007 mein likhi thi ... :D ive been putting up old stuff ...

Shashabindu Anant said...

dude stop lying.. july 2007 it seems!!!.. this came out after the walkie talk we had!!!

Rachit Jain said...

ur madowat ?? no ... i did realise something after the walkie talk ... and told someone about it ... but then this was written in july 2007 ... !!