Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Heartless Killer

He walked in with a gun in his hand,
I’d never seen him before.
But I’d seen many, who looked like him,
He wasn’t scared when he walked in through the door.
The shoes he wore, made him look really poor
I cried for the last person I’d seen wearing shoes like that.
But that was a kid and he was going to school
I’d given him sweets and played with his cat.
But no, not this man, he was the villain
Entered my city and many he’d slain,
I couldn’t feel bad for him no matter what,
It was his choice, he’d put himself in the dirty drain.
His clothes weren’t really fancy, out of fashion,
The sort you give away in charity
Pants above the ankles and shirt all tight
Dressing like that in the big city was a rarity.
He had a blue-black bag on his back,
Strange, he’d left the city blue-black as well.
Most people put books in a bag like that
He’d kept bombs and bullets, oh he belongs in hell.
I thought, he’s just human, could improve
Might have been brainwashed, needs to be cleaned
But human were those he killed, they wouldn’t come back
He made so many bodies bleed.
He entered and hurt and ruined their dinner
Didn’t think before hurting so many souls
He made so many people cry
And he broke so many homes.
He met his parents and looked for love
And then he set out to kill
Oh perverted soul couldn’t you see
The path you were on was a murderer mill.
I’ll never forget him and the look in his eyes
Set out to kill with so much pride
But cheers to the policeman who grabbed his gun
Had all the courage in the world, but he died.
Forgive the gunman or not, he was wrong that’s a fact
Tell all the children he was on the wrong track
And teach them to love and share and help
So nobody runs around with guns anymore.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Over.

Wake up
There’s no more fighting
People are wise

Get up
There’s no more blood
It’s your time

Come on
Let’s go
The world is waiting
The fear’s no more

We know that it’s over
We won’t let it happen again

The Lone Leader, The Self Seeker

With no reception in his head,
He couldn’t understand anything.
What seemed obvious to the rest,
To him it meant nothing.
And still he thought
The world would follow his word.

They got on his nerves,
Played games with his mind,
It was their idea of fun,
To push him all the way behind
And still he thought
He’d lead them all one day.

Then one day he left,
Hid in a corner of the town,
For him this was the best,
To some, he still was a clown.
And still he thought
He was there to help them all.

Each one who understood him,
Wished him love and success.
So he got himself a trim
And changed the way he dressed.
Because he thought
He’d set the trends now on.

Now he’s doing great,
He has everything planned,
The path doesn’t seem straight,
But the journey will be grand.
Oh he knows
He’ll have fun all along.

Monday, December 8, 2008


प्यार, वो आएगा
प्यार, मुझे दे दो
जंग, मैं मांगू ना,
वो रंग मुझे दे दो.
झूठ को हो मना,
वो सच मुझे दे दो.
प्यार, वो आएगा
प्यार, मुझे दे दो
भूख ना हो जहाँ,
वो खेत मुझे दे दो.
निराश हैं जो उनमें,
उम्मीद की भर दो लहर.
प्यार, वो आएगा
प्यार, मुझे दे दो
दर्द ना हो जहाँ,
ऐसा जहाँ दे दो.
आंखों में हो आंसूं ना,
ऐसा समा बंधो.
प्यार, वो आएगा
प्यार, मुझे दे दो
प्यार, वो आएगा
प्यार,मुझे दे दो
दोगे तो आएगा
आएगा तो रह जायेगा
प्यार, वो आएगा,
प्यार, मुझे दे दो.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

You're only human (and this always happens)

If the fear of failure
Is pulling you down,
You don’t need to worry.
You’re only human
And this always happens.
That’s what you’ve been told,
To cry when you lose
And smile when you win.

If loneliness frightens you
And you need people around,
Please do not hurry.
You’re only human
And this always happens.
You’ve been advised ten-fold,
To be an angel to all
And to do no harm.

If you think you can’t give
The best you should,
No, don’t you feel lonely.
You’re only human
And this always happens.
You’ve been brought up that way,
To give your best
And help everyone else.

If you think you have strength
To help yourself,
Well turn it to action.
‘Coz you’re only human
And this always happens.
It’s only up to you,
To take what you have
And become what you want to.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Would you look at my picture ...

I'll look at your picture
When you're gone.
Look at the picture
In many different ways
While i admire
Your wonderful face
Would you look at my picture
When i'm gone ???

And the things we did
Might have all been a mess
But the moments of togetherness,
Made it gold.
The pictures will
Renew it all
While you and i grow old.

I'll look at your picture
When you're gone.
Laughing at all the
Little jokes that we made .
We never knew when the
Picture was clicked,
Would you look at my picture
When i'm gone ???


I feel like losing all control
And running out to the top
Leaving everyone behind
With all the good stuff on my mind

Thinking like a winner
Change, to become bigger
Leaving everybody stunned
Beat everyone in the hunt

Turn around everything
And get the bells to ring
To signal that I've won
I'm brighter than the sun

Get to the top and check out the view
When I'm in the league of a special few
Where everybody has a great state of mind
Where nobody lies or ever plays blind

Everybody would stop and listen
Everybody knew they'd be missing
The best thing in the world
If they didn't catch my word

Get to the top before everyone else
Look down and smile while all of them rest
When they get up, they panic
They think what I've done is magic.

And then i can expect
From them, a lot of respect
The world would be watching me
Waiting for me to set them free.

It's all yours.

Free your mind, fly
Release yourself, high
That all your strength
Is for you to spend
Don't waste it
Though it'll never end

Is there for you
It'll come when you want it to
Whenever you want it to
Give yourself the freedom to enjoy
Realise the right to receive
When you see it all and ask for it
You'll receive it all and live with it

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Innocent Living

I wasn't killing them
Just walking around them,
Not even with them.
I wasn't poisoning their drink
Just looking at them,
Not even serving them.
It feels dirty and disgusting
To be misunderstood.
If I would have spoken,
I would have been shot.
Now that I've kept shut,
Maybe I'm still alive.
Living so miserably,
Why do innocent people live???

There's no point being nice
If you can't pretend to be nice.
If you want to be good,
You must be made of wood.
So the attacks won't hurt
With the guns and the words.
But then they'll shred you to pieces
And put you up in flames.
If I could really kill,
I would already be dead.
But they've tied down my hands,
And not letting me stand.
Living so miserably,
Why do innocent people live???


You've made a sideman out of me,
Nobody knows us as we.
It's only you,
Who gets the best view.

You ruined all my crop,
And made your way to the top.
You know how it goes ,
Above the thorns there's a rose.

In the whole wide world's eyes,
You call me unwise.
You drink champagne with ice,
After my sacrifice.

You know all the world's games,
And you play them with me.
And when they call you names,
You say they wouldn't let you be.

Then you let me down ,
And send me home.
Because you want the crown,
And call it your own.

Master of the Strings

Oh mighty master of the strings
Just let go
Of the puppet in your hands.
Just let him go,
Let his mind flow.
Just set him free,
And let him be.

If there's a reason for your ways,
Just let him know,
And then let him go.
Don't get his nerve,
Let him find love.
Don't live his life,
W while he goes dry.

He may turn back and treat you bad,
If you put him down,
Beneath your palm.
You make him cry,
Just let him shine.
When he goes wrong,
He'll learn a song
Called life.

So, mighty master of the strings,
Just let go
Of the puppet
In your hands.
Let him live his life,
Not a lie.

The Hellish Cold

You're not cool
You're just cold
You're the biggest fool
Put yourself on hold.

You're the definition
Of what everybody loves hating
You have no competition
You're really very irritating.

You tear my skin apart
I feel the chill down to my bones
I know you have no heart
You feel like someone's throwing stones.

Slowing down my life
My hand is frozen now
And my palms, they're all white
And I really hate you how.

You've been around for sometime
You're the bitter cold you know
You're getting worse not better
With the bitter winds that blow.

I'll be glad when you leave
The misery will end
But then again I'll weep
When you haunt me again.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The worker's bun

Have you ever seen a worker
Eating a bun
After a hard day
In the sun.

Do you feel really bad
For him are you sad
Do you feel there is misery
And the floor is so slippery
All you want to do is just run,
As he still eats his bun.

Can you change his world
Give him a golden bun
Does the inside of you
Seem to punish you
Could you give him some fun
As he's still only eating his bun.

How would he see you
If he could free you
From the crime of helping him out
In front of such a huge crowd
And the people are close to none
Who would pay for his bun.