Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Innocent Living

I wasn't killing them
Just walking around them,
Not even with them.
I wasn't poisoning their drink
Just looking at them,
Not even serving them.
It feels dirty and disgusting
To be misunderstood.
If I would have spoken,
I would have been shot.
Now that I've kept shut,
Maybe I'm still alive.
Living so miserably,
Why do innocent people live???

There's no point being nice
If you can't pretend to be nice.
If you want to be good,
You must be made of wood.
So the attacks won't hurt
With the guns and the words.
But then they'll shred you to pieces
And put you up in flames.
If I could really kill,
I would already be dead.
But they've tied down my hands,
And not letting me stand.
Living so miserably,
Why do innocent people live???


You've made a sideman out of me,
Nobody knows us as we.
It's only you,
Who gets the best view.

You ruined all my crop,
And made your way to the top.
You know how it goes ,
Above the thorns there's a rose.

In the whole wide world's eyes,
You call me unwise.
You drink champagne with ice,
After my sacrifice.

You know all the world's games,
And you play them with me.
And when they call you names,
You say they wouldn't let you be.

Then you let me down ,
And send me home.
Because you want the crown,
And call it your own.

Master of the Strings

Oh mighty master of the strings
Just let go
Of the puppet in your hands.
Just let him go,
Let his mind flow.
Just set him free,
And let him be.

If there's a reason for your ways,
Just let him know,
And then let him go.
Don't get his nerve,
Let him find love.
Don't live his life,
W while he goes dry.

He may turn back and treat you bad,
If you put him down,
Beneath your palm.
You make him cry,
Just let him shine.
When he goes wrong,
He'll learn a song
Called life.

So, mighty master of the strings,
Just let go
Of the puppet
In your hands.
Let him live his life,
Not a lie.

The Hellish Cold

You're not cool
You're just cold
You're the biggest fool
Put yourself on hold.

You're the definition
Of what everybody loves hating
You have no competition
You're really very irritating.

You tear my skin apart
I feel the chill down to my bones
I know you have no heart
You feel like someone's throwing stones.

Slowing down my life
My hand is frozen now
And my palms, they're all white
And I really hate you how.

You've been around for sometime
You're the bitter cold you know
You're getting worse not better
With the bitter winds that blow.

I'll be glad when you leave
The misery will end
But then again I'll weep
When you haunt me again.