Friday, May 29, 2009

The way you live

Just lie there miserably,
Pretend to be cute,
Fake the importance,
I’ll never need you.

Occasionally I’ll smile,
Now that’ll make your day,
You’ll rise a bit,
Then fall back to the ground.

But you can pretend,
You’ll act like you’re flying,
Like I can’t even touch you,
Hey! The real world’s down here!

It’s good to have you around,
To feel sorry for you,
To think of how I could help you,
And not help you because I hate you!

But the way you treat yourself,
You really make me wonder,
If it’s that good to be miserable,
If you can feel you’re worth existing.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Beatles in my dream and in my life.

I had a dream last night,
Seemed like a nightmare.
I was playing with The Beatles,
Three hundred thousand people watched.

We played my favourite songs,
But I’d forgotten the chords.
I had the best guitar,
But my plectrum was broken.

Then we played a song,
To which I knew the chords.
And I’d found the right plectrum,
The wires had tangled up.

I managed to put the connections right,
My hands started to slip.
Everyone got tired,
They told me to practice.

So I went backstage,
Strummed away to perfection.
I rushed back on stage,
And announced I could play.

Finally I played it right,
But I couldn’t hear a note.
The crowd had gotten too loud,
They loved the show while I was off.

Now The Beatles got tired,
They left me on stage alone.
I thought I’d close the show,
But the audience left.

I wasn’t really there,
I was just dreaming it all.
Nobody else could see me,
They’d come to see The Beatles.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rediscovering Me.

The past few months,
Have been too much.
I’ve had problems,
And I shared them a lot.

It’s showing now for sure,
So I think I’ll hide myself.
I’ll stop talking about it,
Can’t stop thinking about it.

It won’t bring much peace,
But the solitude will be good.
For everyone else at least,
They were all misunderstood.

I’ll travel to the past,
Travel far and away.
Yes, I think I’ll go retro,
Maybe even Cold Turkey.

I’ll only talk materialistic matters,
I’ll keep my special thoughts to me.
Then in the end I will proudly say:
“I have rediscovered me”.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Please don’t send me on a holiday,
And I don’t want a new guitar.
Don’t gift me any chocolates,
Not even the moon or the stars.
‘Coz then I’ll have to be happy,
But I’m in love with misery.

If you can up my pride, don’t,
Go ahead and treat me bad.
If you let me fly, I won’t,
Won’t do anything that makes me glad.
I’ve been sad too long now,
I’ve fallen in love with misery.

After being betrayed and losing trust,
I’m not used to being loved.
I always manage to finish last,
I’m used to being pushed and shoved.
If it hadn’t started to feel so good,
I wouldn’t let go of my misery.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Irony

When I wake up tomorrow,
I’ll wish I’d done more today.
But today, I know;
I have no courage.

I can trust tomorrow,
I feel it’ll be easier.
But tomorrow,
I would have betrayed today.

If I should sacrifice today,
To make tomorrow better,
Why can’t I sacrifice tomorrow,
To make today better?

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's just life.

At the end of the day,
I sit broken hearted,
The girl of my dreams,
She’s with another man,
Who I hated all my life.
I smile to myself,
I’ve realised, it’s just life.

At the end of the day,
When I’ve been discouraged,
The job that I have,
Is far from what I’ve wanted,
I want to overcome the failure.
I smile to myself,
I’ve realised, it’s just life.

At the end of the day,
When I feel let down,
The team I root for,
Has been losing in a row,
I can only wish it wins.
I smile to myself,
I’ve realised, it’s just life.

At the end of the day,
When I feel like a loser,
I know I haven’t voted,
But everyone hates my choice,
I hope they’re all proved wrong.
I smile to myself,
I’ve realised, it’s just life.

At the end of the day,
I lie in bed, I’m glad,
After realizing the beauty of life,
When everything seems conquered,
My stomach starts hurting.
I laugh with myself,
I’ve realised, it’s just life.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I miss our everything.

I really miss the way you used to love me,
Now I think about it and I cry.
Would you tell me where I went wrong,
If there’s any way I could rectify.

I really miss the closeness that we shared,
And the way our eyes could read each other’s minds.
I wonder where all the love just vanished,
If there’s anything that remains that we could find.

I really miss the calm that was between us,
How we always longed to talk a little more.
Just how the world, it turned its back upon us,
How everything could stop from being sore.

I really miss how we’d run into each other,
How everything should have lasted a little longer.
Our love was pure, we knew it, we were sure,
Every day it would make us even stronger.

I really miss the innocence we had,
If we could stop playing games that now we lose.
Why things go wrong when they appear so right,
If you could still love me like I love you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Classroom Blues

Oh girl,
I finally managed …
I got you out of my mind.
I left behind the games you played.
And girl you lost out on me.
Your pride and your stupid friends,
They helped you lose me.

Well all your friends; I can tell you,
They used you to play with me,
Because they knew it,
They knew they’d never be
Good enough for me.
But let me tell you,
None of them can do a thing,
To make you feel better,
When you cry with a broken heart,
And wonder what went wrong.

And, Oh the pride,
You wanted me crazy about you,
Lose my mind over you,
Well you got me baby !!
Every single bit of me !!
Thought of you all the time,
You gave me the classroom blues.

I have nothing to hate you,
That’s the way you are,
I just hope your next man,
Saves himself the pain in time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Me and my Poem.

It’s just a poem,
Words around a feeling.
It’s pain and pleasure,
In a beautiful way.

Love me more,
And I’ll write a poem.
Break my heart,
And I’ll put it down.

It’s just what I do,
To remember me.
So I can see,
What I did to me.

It’s just words,
They don’t make me,
I make them,
They’re just who I am.

Don’t judge me by them,
About what I don’t write.
Otherwise I’m just normal,
I just know what I feel.