Friday, May 29, 2009

The way you live

Just lie there miserably,
Pretend to be cute,
Fake the importance,
I’ll never need you.

Occasionally I’ll smile,
Now that’ll make your day,
You’ll rise a bit,
Then fall back to the ground.

But you can pretend,
You’ll act like you’re flying,
Like I can’t even touch you,
Hey! The real world’s down here!

It’s good to have you around,
To feel sorry for you,
To think of how I could help you,
And not help you because I hate you!

But the way you treat yourself,
You really make me wonder,
If it’s that good to be miserable,
If you can feel you’re worth existing.


Sameer said...

kya hua re baba?
why so serious...
this one made sense dood...heartbroken sense...

Rachit Jain said...

u remember a poem id written long time back ?? about mist and fog ... it's called "hypocrites" ... this seemed like the remaining part of that one to me ... no heartbroken sense here ... nothing to do with heartbreak or anything ... :)