Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Biggest Mistake

Two years of broken trust,
And it kept piling up.
You’ve done so much harm,
Even forgiving hurts.

You said it on your own,
Exposed all the dirt.
Now I’ve realised for sure,
Nothing was worth it.

I shared everything with you,
All that I thought was good.
Now everything I do,
Reminds me of you.
Every tune I hum,
All the little jokes,
And all my intellect,
They torture me with you.
Every little goof up,
And whenever I fumble,
I think of you again,
My biggest mistake.

And all your little compliments,
Seemed like plans to betray me.
Every suggestion you affirmed with,
Seemed to confirm my foolishness.

Always used your head,
With all your selfish thoughts.
You never felt a thing,
With you, everything rots.

I’ll try to forgive you,
And maybe I’ll forget you,
But you left a permanent stain,
You’ve given too much pain.

First impressions are the last ones,
Yours wasn’t the best one,
Should have kept you at a distance,
Now I’m glad I’ve thrown you away.


Sameer said...

toote hue shayar..
put really lot of pain...the imagery is really painful...
koi ni...munna..theek ho gayega..

Rachit Jain said...

*hug back* :)

Swati! said...

sad.How come i never saw it?

Rachit Jain said...

howcome "I" never saw it !! :D

Akshun said...

man this is one poem i think a lot of people will relate to