Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Right Words

That I never told you,
Doesn’t mean I never loved you,
I just couldn’t find the right words,
To tell you I love you.
I didn’t want the wrong words,
Or the wrong gestures for that matter,
To ruin what you’d know.
It was all too precious.

I think of all the immature ideas,
All the ways I thought I’d tell you.
And I smile foolishly,
I even burst out laughing.
I just didn’t have the right words.
For all that I have to tell you,
I want you to know every little bit,
Even if you don’t feel the same way.

Because what I feel for you is really priceless,
And I’ll wait an entire lifetime,
Till I find the right words.


Sameer said...

same here..

a few words of praise here for your poem...
would never convey how much you mean,your poems mean..

to...lets postpone our date,eh?;)

shalabh said...

Hey .... Gr888 Man ... felt very delighted.....!!

mehak said...

anodr marvellous creation...

keep it up!!
grt wrk

Akshun said...

and the girls reading this probably swooned....

Rachit Jain said...


A calm stride said...

hmm probably .. the right words..!! awesome write..dude.!

Animesh said...


Rachit Jain said...

thank you !! :D