Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love Angels

They came to me last night.
To check if my love was really real,
To see how bad my heart was broken.
They asked me how I felt,
They asked me everything about her.

How her hair flowed,
How her touch felt,
What her smile did,
How her innocence captivated,
How her voice soothed,
How a glimpse of her shone.

They asked me the colour of her eyes,
And I could see her eyes again.

And then maybe they saw,
The love and pain in my eyes.
So they took away all memories of her,
So I could move on,
Get over the pain,
And find real love.
The Love Angels cared.
So they took away my favourite memories.


Sameer said...

they love you..and yet they took your sweetest memories away?

mehak said...

myyyyy gaaawddd!!!
i didnt know u cud write dis well..
ok soryy i do know u can write dis well..
but rachit dis 1's xtraordinary..
y dont u send it 2 sme newspapr?..
dey ll luv it..
i luvd it...