Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Song He Sang.

I listened to the song again and again,
I tried to hold back my tears,
And I tried to let them out at the same time,
But the memories wouldn’t fade.
His voice fell upon my ears like all the years,
The man said everything with a couple of lines.
He brought back memories and laid down the future,
He made the present moment count,
And made it seem so useless altogether.
He summed my entire life with his voice,
All the pain I had ever felt,
Everything I was yet to experience.
All the regret I had ever had,
I felt the remorse in his voice.

And I played the song again and again and again…


Sameer said...

jai paul mccartny!

isn't this for him?

Rachit Jain said...

no :D
its for all the musicians ...
its an ode to the musician :D

mehak said...


mehak said...

just luvd dis 1...
vry true actually..
sme songs r so meaningful
n can touch u deep....