Monday, June 15, 2009

Countries Fall and Countries Rise.

Then one day the newspapers read,
The first lady’s dead.
The President was out of his mind,
Those were real bad times.

In years, it was the worst famine,
And they were plagued by crime.
They had recently been backstabbed,
When the neighbours attacked.

Since the children were last heard playing,
Their mothers had all been praying.
Their schools had been bombed,
And the wise ones had been robbed.

They stopped believing and stopped trying,
Weeks and months were spent crying.
Their emotions were out on the streets,
They were broken, taken too many defeats.

A man sang on the other side of the world,
So their flag could once again be unfurled.
He sang for peace and all their rights,
He gave them courage for all their fights.

It wouldn’t go on for long,
It was time to right the wrongs.
They finally had the courage,
To end all the carnage.

Everyone woke to their powers,
To put an end to the painful hours.
Their world would turn around,
And they would no longer be bound.


Sameer said...

I liked the last para...

no longer can they be bound!
accha hai rachit...
senti hota jaa raha hai dheere dheere saaley!

Rachit Jain said...

there's something about last paras and me ... :D

Akshun said...

amazing...and it rhymes!

Rachit Jain said...

ya it rhymes !! :D thats the best part