Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Complete Me

I’ve been waiting, wishing all this while,
Now, I’m just sitting quiet,
Hoping someday you’ll walk by,
And I’ll know you by your smile.
All these girls who break my heart,
Are like the demons in my head,
Every time they break my heart,
Try to stop me from believing in you.

When I find you,
We can show them,
All their jokes and pretty eyes,
Were never really as much fun as you.
We can laugh at all the times,
When my little stupid mind,
Thought I was in love with them,
And tried to put them in your place.

And then I’ll find you,
When all the vanity is through.
What’ll remain,
Will be the way you make me feel.
When I disappear,
And so do you.
When all the emptiness vanishes,
And you complete me.


Rachit Jain said...

Posted on Tuesday, August 11 2009 at 1:08 am

DG said...

nice! :)

Sameer said...

nice..really gud...

tanya said...


A calm stride said...

beautiful.... awesome write dude.!

sahiba said...

i like!
~esp the end part


and you complete me...awesome