Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Complete Me

I’ve been waiting, wishing all this while,
Now, I’m just sitting quiet,
Hoping someday you’ll walk by,
And I’ll know you by your smile.
All these girls who break my heart,
Are like the demons in my head,
Every time they break my heart,
Try to stop me from believing in you.

When I find you,
We can show them,
All their jokes and pretty eyes,
Were never really as much fun as you.
We can laugh at all the times,
When my little stupid mind,
Thought I was in love with them,
And tried to put them in your place.

And then I’ll find you,
When all the vanity is through.
What’ll remain,
Will be the way you make me feel.
When I disappear,
And so do you.
When all the emptiness vanishes,
And you complete me.

World of Lovers.

If you loved me,
And I loved you,
And the whole world was
Made up of lovers.

If we learn to hate,
But not how to hurt,
And the whole world was
Made up of lovers.

If we learn to love,
And show that we love,
And the whole world was
Made up of lovers.

If we learn to trust,
And never betray,
And the whole world was
Made up of lovers.

If we learn to speak,
Without any fear,
And the whole world was
Made up of lovers.

We’d be glad to live
And proud to say,
That we live
In a world of lovers.

Un-free me

My mind is running wild,
It’s going everywhere.
I’m doing everything I want to,
I have no limits.
The greatness that awaits me,
Is different and strange.
I feel insecure,
Please un-free me.

I’ve realized my potential,
And I think about everything.
It’s hard to be patient,
When you can do so much.
I don’t stay in one place,
I don’t stick to one thought.
I’m running away from me,
Please un-free me.

Love Angels

They came to me last night.
To check if my love was really real,
To see how bad my heart was broken.
They asked me how I felt,
They asked me everything about her.

How her hair flowed,
How her touch felt,
What her smile did,
How her innocence captivated,
How her voice soothed,
How a glimpse of her shone.

They asked me the colour of her eyes,
And I could see her eyes again.

And then maybe they saw,
The love and pain in my eyes.
So they took away all memories of her,
So I could move on,
Get over the pain,
And find real love.
The Love Angels cared.
So they took away my favourite memories.

Lonely Woman

Then I looked into her mind,
I didn’t see a sea of thoughts,
They weren’t harmonizing either,
She was on the brink of death,
She wanted to live.

Once she knew she was dying,
She knew what she wanted.
She only had one thought,
To fight one last time.
To fight for what she wanted most,
Something she’d dreamed of all along,
But she'd taken it for granted.

But now everything was slipping away,
She wanted one last chance,
And maybe she could live again.
Without the pride.

The Fear

We don’t want much,
Just a conversation,
Someone to understand us,
And some attention.

What’s shocking,
Is never initiating,
Never being the one to give.
Afraid of the assumed truth.

The fear we’re not important,
The fear we’ll irritate,
The fear we’re not wanted,
The fear we’re not needed,
The fear of loneliness,
The fear of expectations,
The fear of pride,
The fear we’re not alone
And that we’ll never know.

Little Child

Little child little child,
With your little baby mind,
And that wonderful smile,
What will you do next?
How will you enthrall us?
Whose nose will you touch?
And when will you giggle?
What’s your next trick?

The rooms are all bright,
Because of your smile,
The stars don’t twinkle,
Your eyes do their bit.

Everybody wants you all the time,
A glimpse of you shall make their day.
How do you do it child?
Everybody’s angel.

The Right Words

That I never told you,
Doesn’t mean I never loved you,
I just couldn’t find the right words,
To tell you I love you.
I didn’t want the wrong words,
Or the wrong gestures for that matter,
To ruin what you’d know.
It was all too precious.

I think of all the immature ideas,
All the ways I thought I’d tell you.
And I smile foolishly,
I even burst out laughing.
I just didn’t have the right words.
For all that I have to tell you,
I want you to know every little bit,
Even if you don’t feel the same way.

Because what I feel for you is really priceless,
And I’ll wait an entire lifetime,
Till I find the right words.

The Song He Sang.

I listened to the song again and again,
I tried to hold back my tears,
And I tried to let them out at the same time,
But the memories wouldn’t fade.
His voice fell upon my ears like all the years,
The man said everything with a couple of lines.
He brought back memories and laid down the future,
He made the present moment count,
And made it seem so useless altogether.
He summed my entire life with his voice,
All the pain I had ever felt,
Everything I was yet to experience.
All the regret I had ever had,
I felt the remorse in his voice.

And I played the song again and again and again…

Monday, June 15, 2009

Countries Fall and Countries Rise.

Then one day the newspapers read,
The first lady’s dead.
The President was out of his mind,
Those were real bad times.

In years, it was the worst famine,
And they were plagued by crime.
They had recently been backstabbed,
When the neighbours attacked.

Since the children were last heard playing,
Their mothers had all been praying.
Their schools had been bombed,
And the wise ones had been robbed.

They stopped believing and stopped trying,
Weeks and months were spent crying.
Their emotions were out on the streets,
They were broken, taken too many defeats.

A man sang on the other side of the world,
So their flag could once again be unfurled.
He sang for peace and all their rights,
He gave them courage for all their fights.

It wouldn’t go on for long,
It was time to right the wrongs.
They finally had the courage,
To end all the carnage.

Everyone woke to their powers,
To put an end to the painful hours.
Their world would turn around,
And they would no longer be bound.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lost Child

He walked the streets alone,
It was cold too,
He’d lost faith in himself,
And everyone else,
He looked for a hand to hold,
Someone who could guide him,
Or just hold him.

He could see the light,
But was too afraid to follow it,
If only someone had told him,
Walking toward the light,
Wasn’t as bad as walking in the dark.

My Biggest Mistake

Two years of broken trust,
And it kept piling up.
You’ve done so much harm,
Even forgiving hurts.

You said it on your own,
Exposed all the dirt.
Now I’ve realised for sure,
Nothing was worth it.

I shared everything with you,
All that I thought was good.
Now everything I do,
Reminds me of you.
Every tune I hum,
All the little jokes,
And all my intellect,
They torture me with you.
Every little goof up,
And whenever I fumble,
I think of you again,
My biggest mistake.

And all your little compliments,
Seemed like plans to betray me.
Every suggestion you affirmed with,
Seemed to confirm my foolishness.

Always used your head,
With all your selfish thoughts.
You never felt a thing,
With you, everything rots.

I’ll try to forgive you,
And maybe I’ll forget you,
But you left a permanent stain,
You’ve given too much pain.

First impressions are the last ones,
Yours wasn’t the best one,
Should have kept you at a distance,
Now I’m glad I’ve thrown you away.