Monday, May 25, 2009

The Beatles in my dream and in my life.

I had a dream last night,
Seemed like a nightmare.
I was playing with The Beatles,
Three hundred thousand people watched.

We played my favourite songs,
But I’d forgotten the chords.
I had the best guitar,
But my plectrum was broken.

Then we played a song,
To which I knew the chords.
And I’d found the right plectrum,
The wires had tangled up.

I managed to put the connections right,
My hands started to slip.
Everyone got tired,
They told me to practice.

So I went backstage,
Strummed away to perfection.
I rushed back on stage,
And announced I could play.

Finally I played it right,
But I couldn’t hear a note.
The crowd had gotten too loud,
They loved the show while I was off.

Now The Beatles got tired,
They left me on stage alone.
I thought I’d close the show,
But the audience left.

I wasn’t really there,
I was just dreaming it all.
Nobody else could see me,
They’d come to see The Beatles.


Swati! said...

one day everyone will wait.And watch.

Sameer said...

aaah....any deliberate relations or is it just my mind playing tricks?

Rachit Jain said...

for one thing ... it was actually a dream i had while coming home in the train ... i wrote this down in the train itself .... and it seemed like the real life situation .... u get the perfect setting .... and then u realise ur not important ... the rest of the world is ... u just see what u want to see ... :)

mehak said...

u knw d best part abt dis poem is its central idea abt d beatles in ur dream...... really creative..

dnt wrry u ll nvr hav a day on stag wid nobody listenin..aftr al wat r we guys fr..


lost in illusion said...

u suck!!!BOOOOOOO BOOOOOO .... REFUND!!!! xP