Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Please don’t send me on a holiday,
And I don’t want a new guitar.
Don’t gift me any chocolates,
Not even the moon or the stars.
‘Coz then I’ll have to be happy,
But I’m in love with misery.

If you can up my pride, don’t,
Go ahead and treat me bad.
If you let me fly, I won’t,
Won’t do anything that makes me glad.
I’ve been sad too long now,
I’ve fallen in love with misery.

After being betrayed and losing trust,
I’m not used to being loved.
I always manage to finish last,
I’m used to being pushed and shoved.
If it hadn’t started to feel so good,
I wouldn’t let go of my misery.


Akshun said...

that is one miserable little poem u have there man

Rachit Jain said...

dude ... is that a good comment or a bad comment ??

lost in illusion said...

sheer class... dat las line!!! incredible beauty hidden to da naked eye!!!

amit said...

brilliant buddy..
loved every bit of it..