Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rediscovering Me.

The past few months,
Have been too much.
I’ve had problems,
And I shared them a lot.

It’s showing now for sure,
So I think I’ll hide myself.
I’ll stop talking about it,
Can’t stop thinking about it.

It won’t bring much peace,
But the solitude will be good.
For everyone else at least,
They were all misunderstood.

I’ll travel to the past,
Travel far and away.
Yes, I think I’ll go retro,
Maybe even Cold Turkey.

I’ll only talk materialistic matters,
I’ll keep my special thoughts to me.
Then in the end I will proudly say:
“I have rediscovered me”.


Sameer said...

u'll share dood...there's lots to tell you and know from you..

apun ki setting to barabar rahegi na?

Rachit Jain said...

ill share pakka :) apun ki setting ekdum fit rahegi ... !
ull also share :D