Monday, May 11, 2009

I miss our everything.

I really miss the way you used to love me,
Now I think about it and I cry.
Would you tell me where I went wrong,
If there’s any way I could rectify.

I really miss the closeness that we shared,
And the way our eyes could read each other’s minds.
I wonder where all the love just vanished,
If there’s anything that remains that we could find.

I really miss the calm that was between us,
How we always longed to talk a little more.
Just how the world, it turned its back upon us,
How everything could stop from being sore.

I really miss how we’d run into each other,
How everything should have lasted a little longer.
Our love was pure, we knew it, we were sure,
Every day it would make us even stronger.

I really miss the innocence we had,
If we could stop playing games that now we lose.
Why things go wrong when they appear so right,
If you could still love me like I love you.


lost in illusion said...

aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww...... :)

lost in illusion said...

minds n find don't rhyme.... :P

shalabh said...

wel it was really nice... work yaar.. truly awesome... but one think i must ask u to rectify wahti have learned fromlife is .. never cry thinking those moments that u spent with her... just take them as ur boon to live ur remaining life, i hope its tough but not impossible if ur love is eternal.. wese itna lecture dene ka yahi motive hai mera ki pehli line change kar de... !!! :P