Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Heartless Killer

He walked in with a gun in his hand,
I’d never seen him before.
But I’d seen many, who looked like him,
He wasn’t scared when he walked in through the door.
The shoes he wore, made him look really poor
I cried for the last person I’d seen wearing shoes like that.
But that was a kid and he was going to school
I’d given him sweets and played with his cat.
But no, not this man, he was the villain
Entered my city and many he’d slain,
I couldn’t feel bad for him no matter what,
It was his choice, he’d put himself in the dirty drain.
His clothes weren’t really fancy, out of fashion,
The sort you give away in charity
Pants above the ankles and shirt all tight
Dressing like that in the big city was a rarity.
He had a blue-black bag on his back,
Strange, he’d left the city blue-black as well.
Most people put books in a bag like that
He’d kept bombs and bullets, oh he belongs in hell.
I thought, he’s just human, could improve
Might have been brainwashed, needs to be cleaned
But human were those he killed, they wouldn’t come back
He made so many bodies bleed.
He entered and hurt and ruined their dinner
Didn’t think before hurting so many souls
He made so many people cry
And he broke so many homes.
He met his parents and looked for love
And then he set out to kill
Oh perverted soul couldn’t you see
The path you were on was a murderer mill.
I’ll never forget him and the look in his eyes
Set out to kill with so much pride
But cheers to the policeman who grabbed his gun
Had all the courage in the world, but he died.
Forgive the gunman or not, he was wrong that’s a fact
Tell all the children he was on the wrong track
And teach them to love and share and help
So nobody runs around with guns anymore.


sakshi said...

awesome...i think its the finest message and a conclusion i'v come across after the terrorists' attacks..long live the soul of humanity,compassion, long live the soul of true INDIAN..may justice 2 ol prevail.!

Rachit Jain said...

the only justice we all could ask for is no more of these attacks ... what happens to the guilty is secondary really ... lets just hope for peace ...