Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Lone Leader, The Self Seeker

With no reception in his head,
He couldn’t understand anything.
What seemed obvious to the rest,
To him it meant nothing.
And still he thought
The world would follow his word.

They got on his nerves,
Played games with his mind,
It was their idea of fun,
To push him all the way behind
And still he thought
He’d lead them all one day.

Then one day he left,
Hid in a corner of the town,
For him this was the best,
To some, he still was a clown.
And still he thought
He was there to help them all.

Each one who understood him,
Wished him love and success.
So he got himself a trim
And changed the way he dressed.
Because he thought
He’d set the trends now on.

Now he’s doing great,
He has everything planned,
The path doesn’t seem straight,
But the journey will be grand.
Oh he knows
He’ll have fun all along.


Sameer said...

narrative...accha hai...

ahem....taare zameen par?

Rachit Jain said...

soch soch .. aur soch ..