Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I feel like losing all control
And running out to the top
Leaving everyone behind
With all the good stuff on my mind

Thinking like a winner
Change, to become bigger
Leaving everybody stunned
Beat everyone in the hunt

Turn around everything
And get the bells to ring
To signal that I've won
I'm brighter than the sun

Get to the top and check out the view
When I'm in the league of a special few
Where everybody has a great state of mind
Where nobody lies or ever plays blind

Everybody would stop and listen
Everybody knew they'd be missing
The best thing in the world
If they didn't catch my word

Get to the top before everyone else
Look down and smile while all of them rest
When they get up, they panic
They think what I've done is magic.

And then i can expect
From them, a lot of respect
The world would be watching me
Waiting for me to set them free.

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~*!$h!T@*~ said...

good one! mature attempt