Friday, March 6, 2009

Lovely Old Times.

I’m coming home again,
So please hold my hand
Treat me like you did
When I was a boy.
Like the time I’d cry,
For every other toy.

Well I’ll get up
Late in the morning,
And eat whatever I want.
Chocolates for breakfast
And the cold drinks,
And ice-cream for lunch.

We’ll go for a drive
Late at night
In the car.
And though I can drive,
I’ll sit in the backseat,
And help you reverse.

And when we get back
We eat ice-cream,
Along with chocolate chips.
Then we stack our plates,
Put them on the shelf,
And go off to sleep.

Then on Saturday at noon,
We go to the mall.
We shop there
And walk around.
And we look at stuff,
We won’t really buy.

We shop till we drop,
And when we’re tired,
We drag ourselves,
To the pizza shop.
We smell the good stuff,
And then we hog !!

And when we’ve
Laughed out hearts out
On a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Lying in bed,
Tickling each other,
And our eyes full of laughter,
We’ll realize everything.
All the love we’ve missed,
Each other’s company,
How times have changed.
We used to be together,
And took it all for granted,
Now we crave for it,
And write songs about it
When we imagine it.
Can’t have the old times back.
Just the memories
And time to recollect them.
That’s all we have now.
Life’s come one full circle,
The love is still the same.


sakshi agrawal said...

hii rachit,
awesome poem and it exactly represents r lives today wen we r back home again... we feel the same as we used to 2 years back...
the same love and same protected feeling...
ur way of expressing r feelings on paper is no doubtedly the best...

Rachit Jain said...

ab meri itni bhi taarif mat karo .. mujhe sharam aati hai ... ;)

Sameer said...


Aditya said...

sameer... *wipe wipe*.... as fr me... *sniff sniff*....

Akshun said...


one word man..."relate"