Monday, April 27, 2009

Our world !!

The situation is bad,
The world is going mad,

We don’t know who’s strong,
The wrong people have the big bombs.

We live in fear each day,
The clouds are always grey,
Every day they say they’ll kill us,
And then they say they’ll grill us.

They take planes through our buildings,
In hotels, they shoot our children,
They blow up our trains and buses,
Threaten our women and kill their lovers.

The government says everything’s fine,
They just sit there killing time,
They only come out for our votes,
We’re only left with hope.

This isn’t new we know,
It must have happened before,
To every generation,
Who faced this situation.

It’s a challenge; it’s a fight,
We’ve got to put in all our might,
They try to rule with guns and words,
We’ll take it back, it’s our world !!

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