Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh world, I surrender to your might
And everything I can’t do.
All that’s not in my hands,
And all that I refuse to take in my hands.

I give myself to you,
Do whatever you want to.
But how I react and face it,
Sorry, I can’t disclose that.

I’ve given you my everything,
You want my emotions too.
Think whatever of me,
But what I think of me is mine.

I’ll put me away from you,
Oh how important do you think you are?
Can’t even decide on one result,
And you thought you could rule me.

You’re nothing but an image,
A mere reflection of me.
I can change you as I wish,
You can do nothing to me.

But I surrender to you,
So I don’t have to worry,
About how you control me.
But I surrender to you,

So I can take control of me.

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