Friday, April 17, 2009

Till I See Her

I look around,
But she’s not there.
I look again,
She’s still not there.
And I hope,
And live by the feeling,
That when I turn around again,
I’ll see her there,
Smiling at me with that look in her eyes,
Teasing the look on my face,
Adoring it.
And then bring a smile to my face,
With her smile.
Then take me by the hand,
Far away,
Where it’s just her and me,
Looking into each other’s eyes,
Relishing the beauty of it all.

But I still can’t see her.
I look everywhere,
Hoping to see her,
The next time I turn around.
And then finally I see her,
Walking towards me,
To take me by the hand,
Just as I had imagined.


Akshun said...

while i was readin it i was lyk...this is gonna be tragic....lo. bt it wasnt...bravo man...another good one

Rachit Jain said...

i kind of like happy endings man :)