Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let go of me.

Money!! Darned money!!
Ties me down to you.
Doesn’t let me live my life.
I’m not bound to you by love.
It’s money,
And the way you remind me
All the time,
About all the money
And take responsibility,
For my life.

There’s doubt and mocking
For all of my decisions.
Because I have nothing to show,
It’s your money that flows.
My faith and all my beliefs,
Everything that I stand for,
Don’t seem logical at all.
Well that’s why it’s faith.
It’ll never make me fall,
That’s what keeps me on my feet.

You decide the part of my life,
That’s just not important to me.
That’s a dead me.
You killed me long ago.
When you made my decision,
Doubted my ability,
And forced out all the love.
You want to do nothing now.
You think there’s still love,
Yet you watch me suffer, tell me how?

Let me tell you something,
It’s not even you,
It’s everyone around you.
They don’t even have a clue,
No idea why they exist.
They live on everyone else’s expectations.
Walk down the same road every day,
Send their children down the same road.
Well they want their children’s money,
They just use them to appear sunny.

You’ve never let me decide,
Even if you have,
You never let me realise I was wrong.
I don’t want to live big in one go.
I know that can’t be done,
But I want to live at least.
Live on my own for myself.
Know what I’m worth to me.
And let you give me only love,
That’s the best I want you to do.


Sameer said...

leave me alone..and while u're going..u have some change?

Rachit Jain said...

:| ... tu to keh raha tha comment nahi marega :|