Friday, February 27, 2009

My understanding of LOVE.

Of frustration, I ask.
What on earth is love?
The question would be wrong,
Love is universal.
It would exist in space
If I were to go there.
My friends would hold me,
And not let me float away.
Just like they do now,
Keep me from getting lost
Into the wilderness and vastness.
I could end up lost and worried.
Look for my way,
Where there is no way.
So I’m glad there are friends,
Who love me right.

And when we get older,
We build other priorities,
Get on each other’s nerves,
And start to part our ways,
I’m sure I’ll fall in love.
With a girl who’s dreamt of me.
Then she’ll love me right,
Look after me all the while.
And I know she’ll be my friend,
Otherwise I wouldn’t fall in love.

This is how I’ve defined it,
The only love that exists for now,
Is the one that friends give me.
And to love somebody else,
A girl who’s not my friend,
Would be very unfair,
To all my friends and me.
So till we are together,
Our love will make us bigger.


Aditya said...

Love is an endless definition...!!! EC student dont make it bounded.... let it flow from -inf(nothin) to +inf (much more than something)....!!

akansha said...

thank u dost!!!
we love u toooo...n a lovely creation!!!

Akshun said...

aww....dat is just too nice man..

you make the need for a girl pointless