Monday, February 16, 2009

The Day I Die. (written with tears in the eyes)

What would you do,
If I walked up to you
And told you,
I would die tomorrow ?

Mother would you hold me close,
And talk to your baby inside me ?
Father would you buy me the best electric guitar,
And take me for a ride in a luxury car ?
Sister would you still prepare me
For the world ahead, and protect me ?
Friends would you hug me as you walk in,
Look through your teary eyes, and remember times ?

I hope I’ll gather the courage
To talk about all my dreams,
And express my displeasure,
At everything everyone thought was important.
I hope I’d be forgiven
When I confess all my sins.
And I hope nobody explains
Or tries to justify themselves,
Because it would be my day,
The only day I die.

How long will it take you,
To fill the blank i leave ?
How long will you be sad
After I’m dead ?
Have you ever thought
What would hurt you more ?
If I died without telling you,
Or if I plead for solitude,
On the day I die.


shashabindu said...

man we all love you!! why you talkin abt such stuff :'(

Sameer said...

rachit...chcha gaya yaar..
too gud..
sent kar diya man...

"i die a thousand deaths daily,
and rise and shine like a pheonix,every now and then.."

sakshi agrawal said...

yaar ur feelings on paper r excellent... but dont think nd write abt such issues... nobody can ever take ur place in r lives as a very gud friend.... think abt life... life ahead of us... all d best for ur life....

Sameer said...

tu marra nahi abhi tak?
sach mein?

matlab try to kia hi hoga tune?

Rachit Jain said...

oye ... main ni mara ... bataake marunga ;)

sandhya said...

abstract...eccentric thoughts... yet particular about certain sentiments. irony :this poem contradicts the "depression" emotion of its title :)

Rachit Jain said...

sandhya ... ill kill u for that

AC said...

dude u really need to think abt urself....
search for happiness that lays beneath ur skin, trapped inside, wanting to bring a smile in ur face

as for writing too good...
dont try that again...

akansha shukla said...

this is d comment (written wid tears in maah eyes)..plz dont think abt this again...
we all love u...!!n promise i'll reamin on ur side whenever u need me..
now smile..

akansha shukla said...

n haan ye to likhna bhool hi gayi....
it is an awsome creation...
u rock dost!!!:)

Rachit Jain said...

yes friends ... i enjoyed writing it as much as u enjoyed reading it :P ;) :D love u all <3

Aditya said...

with balls of salty water in my eyes,
i wish you never thing to die.

but when the day come for you to tell me this,
ill hug you hard and give you care..

i hope your eyes are all dry now,
coz this is just a phase that has passed you by...

Take care Rachit......!!

Rachit Jain said...

sameer, aditya ... ab se mere blog ke comments page pe apni kalaakari mat dikhana ... tum dono ke paas apne apne blog hain ... uspe likho :P