Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lost answers.

Where was the dreamer in you?
The birdwatcher.
You were taught about a bird’s flight,
And you stopped imagining what it’s like.
Why did you stop?
Please continue to dream.

Where’s the believer in you?
The rebel.
“You always want too much”, they said,
And you let them get to your head.
Why did you let go?
Hold on, they’re your beliefs.

When did you lose all that courage?
You brave heart.
The fear that you should have known,
Was always right outside your door.
You still can venture.
What’s keeping you inside?

Can you set your mind free?
Can you believe in yourself?
Can you do what you want to?


Akshun said...

yes..i can ..:)

Sameer said...

karna mushkil hai bidoo...;)