Saturday, January 31, 2009

Smile Little Girl

The dreams have been broken
Cry if you want to,
Let’s cry together
I wish I could be there
Hold you, and help you.
Give you my shoulder
And everything else.
Prepare you for the fight
You have to fight again.
It’s been really very harsh
We know you can do it
You know you can do it.
Crumple your fears,
And wipe those tears.
You’ve had enough
It’s payback time.
Bring back that smile.
And tell me you’re smiling.
I’m so far away,
There’s not much I can do
But one thing’s for sure,
I can’t imagine you crying.
So take those broken dreams,
Mend them, rebuild them,
Do what needs to be done.
They’re your dreams
And you’ve worked for them.
So, smile little girl
We know you can do it
Just like you do.
And tell me you’re smiling
I can imagine you smiling.
And that’s all I can do.
Don’t worry, cheer up.


Sameer said...

awww....kisko smile karwa raha hai??


Swati! said...

to Little Girl,

Rachit Jain said...
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Rachit Jain said...

guess wat !! little girl got thru her tough time :D :D :D ... :D now shes smiling and laughing :D yay !! yay !! yay !!

sakshi agrawal said...

a sweet small little girl will surely smile if listens 2 ur poem SURELY....
and this smile of hers which u gave her will help her get through her tough time....