Sunday, January 11, 2009


We have a friend
Who doesn’t want the name
Or the fame we give him.
He makes his own love
And he gives love.
And we love him.
So that’s how you get love,
You give it.
Love isn’t measurable,
It isn’t equal to anything.
Love contains everything,
It’s like a land.
It has space for everyone
And everyone has space for love.
Love is like you and me,
Only foolish, but luckier.
Can’t see any boundaries,
Just enters and lets us enter.
We must all be like love
And make everyone ours
And be like our friend
Because she’s love.


Sameer said...

hmm..thats the way my boy!
thats to way to expectations..

"the real test of love is not before saying i love you and committing your self..
the real test of love is,saying I love you and being rejected and still continue loving..."

irshaad,irshaad...aise hi bas suddenly!

Rachit Jain said...

wah wah .... wah wah .... mere blog pe teri kala kaari ... wah wah wah wah ... :)
and this ... im talking about general ... normal love ... the one we can love everyone with .... not the newfound romantic love that people call real love ... all love is real love :)

Swati! said...

we do have this love thing all around us right now!
beautiful it is!

Rachit Jain said...

yupp :D
each one of us loves each other :D