Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your strange world.

Well there you are again,
Crying comfortably,
On the shoulder of uselessness.
Comfortingly strokes you,
And puts you to bed.
But when you wake up,
You’re all the more scared.
Then doubt and temptation
Loom around like fake friends.
Do no good,
Just get on your nerves.

Then you question it all,
How unfair everything is,
And you can’t explain anything,
Even to yourself.

You thought you knew your world well,
And suddenly it’s a strange place.


Sameer said...

you end your poems really well!

Rachit Jain said...

thanks :)...
and i hope that doesnt stop you from reading the rest of it :D

Akshun said...

dont wanna say it but i can relate to it a bit u know...:(

mehak said...

i like it!