Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fake love, Real blues.

I had a girl,
And I loved her right.
She didn’t even care,
She was so uptight.
Said, I don’t give a damn,
What you feel for me.
I’ll break your heart,
It’s a thrill for me.
So I left her there,
In the middle of town.
She cried and told everyone,
I let her down.

Every time I see her,
I remember she hurt me.
But I control my temper,
She’s not even worth it.
Says, she’ll never love anyone,
Like she loved me.
I say, girl let me tell you,
You didn’t even love me.
I could see it always,
With every move you made.
It’s hard to believe,
You were really that fake.


lost in illusion said...

ghar tak toh chhod deta :P

Sakshi Agrawal said...

rachit sir...
reading certain creations of urs.. i just wanted to say.. girls r nt always at fault... :P

but then another gud creation...

akansha said...

again...a nice one!!!!
i didnt knew..u r that much hurt ;)

sim said...

whoa! :O

People Locator said...

Well, I think she never forget to you also, whether she say to you or not. very heart touching lines.

Anonymous said...

Powerful. You conveyed great emotion, and I'm sure every nice guy could relate.