Saturday, April 3, 2010

I wish(to get it right)

I’m on a learning curve,
And I want to get to the straight,
And I want to get there fast,
I hope I don’t skid off.

But my imagination humbles my ability,
It always has.
I wish to learn enough to get it right.

This learning curve is different,
I’m focusing as hard as I can.
I feel I can do better,
But why is this so important?

It could be the time that it’s taking,
It always is.
I wish to be patient enough to get it right.

I need to get through this,
There’s more at stake this time.
I hope to take it across,
This responsibility on my shoulders.

And the courage seems to be coming through,
It always does.
I wish for strength enough to get it right.


GreenScorpion said...

Which song is this?
Did you write the lyrics yourself?

Rachit Jain said...

yes, i wrote it myself.

ecelliam said...

It's right to get it Right.

very nice....Thanks

GreenScorpion said...

I like the lyrics-You're good at this!

lost in illusion said...

Sounds more like 'I wish(to get through CED)' :P

Alennela said...

the lyrics are beautiful.
do you have the music for it that i could listen to? music evokes emotions as much as lyrics do.