Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not possible

It’s alright,
Not being loved or looked after.
Because it’s just not possible,
That there’s nobody there,
Waiting to love you.
Knows your silent mouth,
Almost as well as you.

It’s just not possible,
That there’s nobody there,
Who loves you for the same reasons,
The one’s that you love yourself for,
Because you’re human too.


Loshini said...

just stumbled upon your blog. interesting read.. keep posting ya? :)

akshun said...

i like i wat r we wating for then?

elegantissimo said...

it's good

keep it up

Teenageblogger said...
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darkslyde said...

Very good, Keep up the good work.

Landry said...

Are these lyrics for potential songs or straight poetry? I could see a lot of these working well set to music or rhythms. I'm new to this blogging, and just stumbled upon this. Keep sharing

Rachit Jain said...

Well i do compose music as well. But i never really think about putting the words to those songs while writing either the songs or the lyrics. But do let me know if you use these lyrics, and email me a recording of the song as well :).

P.S: And let me have my share of the royalties. ;)

Moon :) said...

Really awesome stuff man.. liked it..:)