Thursday, March 4, 2010


I’ve lived a little life
Had a lot of fun.
Different kinds of fun.
Dancing in the rain,
Shining in the sun.
Playing my guitar,
And crying to the blues.

Fun, they have a lot.
But to live your life, they say,
You’ve got to hold a drink.
To lose yourself, they say,
Is clearly seeing everything.
You have fun with your consciousness,
But the world is huge you see,
Yourself isn’t enough.

When it gets out of your mind,
Do the kaleidoscopes disappear?
Does the honking still seem like music?
Can you still dance to Beethoven?

You’re back to you again,
The misery stays and smirks,
Coffee and aspirin always works.
Desperately trying to be someone
You were running away from.


akansha said...

achi hai :) good :)

Arkita said...

good stuff ya rachit ! ur more talented than i knew :-)

Kerra said...

you're great with words.

Car Audio Stereo said...

You used great words in this, good going, keep it up. Thanks!

Akshun said...

awsum dude...this is right up there...

Teenageblogger said...

Love the topic!!! i totally agree with you!! the whole propaganda that you need to drink to have a great time is perposterous!! (spell check?) Love the poems, they're great!! Cant wait to read more

Simplicity of Life!!!!!! said...


I am really toched by the deep meaning and beatiful thoughts....thanks for sharing :)