Monday, October 4, 2010

Circle of Life

It doesn’t seem to mean too much,
You take it lightly.
Most parts of you aren’t even concerned.
But the next morning,
When your mind is clear,
The moments right after you’re up,
With complete emptiness in the mind,
That’s when it really sinks in.
As your mind looks for thoughts,
These moments are the one that start to fill,
What wasn’t so important last night,
Occupies this day.
What occupies this day,
Occupies the next and the week to follow.
And then the enormity hits you,
And it’s not just so light anymore.

Nights go by without any sleep,
And there are moments in some nights,
You try to stop thinking,
Try to control your thoughts,
Try not to be natural,
Just to get some sleep.
It all seems too much suddenly,
And there’s no respite.
You wish you’d done things differently.

Then it slowly eases out,
And you forget it,
And it’s all gone.
Then it happens all over again,
And you try to live it better,
That’s the circle of life.

1 comment:

lost in illusion said...

da moments after i wake up...feel like an enlightened soul..and i see the futility of gtalk and revulsion to the mundaneness of daily life sinks in...
i think brush karne se chala jata h sab....
moral of the story: brush ni karna chiye!

saax write man xD